Could I use one address for receive Litecoin several times?

in the Litecoin Core, if click the Receive panel at below:


in the receive panel we can create many receive Litecoin addresses.

we know more addresses more security.

but I have a question, can I use one address for receiving Litecoin many times forever?

such as if I send an address to my friend, he will send litecoin to me every month, and I do not need to send a new one per month.


Or a simple request to the community for donations to care for a rescued abused dog.

Yes. You can use one address for many receives LTC

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YES you definitely can do that

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As the others have done, yes you can do that. However it’s much more preferable for privacy reasons to generate a new address everytime you’re receiving from a new address, as no one will be able to see the amount of coins you have easily.

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