Coronavirus influence on the market?

Will the ongoing virus change the cryptoworld? I collected some thoughts on this matter, some of them says that the crypto market will be growing, like this It seems, that, it has some. I guess many people and companies will pay more attention to the wireless and anonymous payment systems. Maybe, the BTC or ALT will become new worldwide currency quite soon. What do you think?

It surely have changed a lot.

My concern is lots of people MAY want to put $$$ into LTC and crypto…due to the threat of uncertain times…but lots of people also would like to put more $$ in their traditional investments or pay their house payments down etc…but with the economy slowing and fear of job loss etc…my concern is NO discretionary $$$ to do so…so crypto investment dries up NOT because people don’t want crypto…they just lack the means, in their mind, to ‘bite the bullet’ and risking to get such…thus adoption dries up crypto adoption of LTC or whatever… :frowning:

So, what’s the view for when the WEF decides to press the button on the Global Reset and all the CB’s ask for all assets to be passed over in exchange for the ‘debt write off’? Surely crypto will be too easy for them to view and demand?

Hardware wallets my friend. Crypto in your own possession not on an exchange.