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hello i have challenge i think with my laptop where by i was trying to send some ltc to and external wallet address but on copying from the recievers address on pasting i diffirent wallet address was generated instead on to where i had to send the funds to, up to now i copy the right thing but on pasting some thing different reflects and secondly i own most wallets and exchanges where i transact my ltc from could you help me track this address and tell me which exchange or wallet it belongs because i think every site or wallet has unique characters with adderess here is the wallet address LVvqtuuqxcPbmqZ7VQju6kFTmQKZ58yXH2

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Hi, I’ve had the same thing happen to me a few months back. I went to swap my 4btc on changeangel platform into ltc, at the time it was 700ltc worth.
I copied the address from the tab and sent the btc to that address only to find minutes later that that address did not belong to that platform but by then it was too late.
What wallet did you use? I have the BITFI wallet. I told Bitfi immediately and they tried to help recover my btc by attempting to push them out by using a huge fee to return them back to my address but by then it was too late.
If this type of thing continues it will eventually destroy cryptocurrency for everyone. I have since never recovered my 4btc and don’t believe i ever will…

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It’s a problem concerning the software on your computer, and other users do not have this problem. Your crypto address changed in your clipboard, without you asking for it.
This means you accidentally installed malware on your own device.
You can check the Google articles on the subject.