Considerably Increase Users of Litecoin in UK

I operate a sales and marketing team and believe that I can considerably increase the amount of British & Irish people who hold Litecoin via a direct marketing campaign.

It would be experimental but would ultimately pay for itself (I would pay for initial start up costs, which would be minimal) and Litecoin would benefit on a no gain-no pay basis, with nothing to lose.

Can someone please advise me of the suitable person(s) at Litecoin that I should approach with my ideas?


you already at the right place…this is a community…its not a business…Litecoin and Bitcoin are not centralized so anyone can connect their computer to the network and mine for coins and trade with anyone and everyone…

have a look here:

or just wiki litecoin and bitcoin

if you have any coding/development you are working on you can submit your ideas at github
litecoin github page
commits are located here:
litecoin github commits

Hi bakd247, thanks for the reply. My idea differs greatly from what you guys have been doing to promote Litecoin so far. I come from a sales & marketing background and I have a team of sales guys who do lots of telesales and it remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to engage the public. My idea involves utilising my team to canvas people who have expressed an interest in crypto, talk to them and if they are interested then talk them through the process. The majority of the public are now waking up to crypto but the interest is mainly still in Bitcoin. They don’t really understand crypto but the understand that they should probably own some and thats about as far as their interest goes.

A rough outline of my idea is as follows:

  1. For Litecoin to generate a limited amount of coins to be used in this experiment - eg 500K.

  2. My website generates interested leads

  3. My team sell a limited amount of Litecoin to each of these interested people, so that we spread it to many not few. How we do this is open to discussion also, but I have further ideas on this, perhaps involving one of the major exchanges.

  4. For every Litecoin sold, my operation is paid in Litecoin on a 1:1 basis or 1:2. Remember I am covering my costs at my end.

  5. Over the course of a few months, the number of individuals holding Litecoin increases dramatically in Uk & Ireland. If this trial proves effective, we can roll it out initially to other English speaking countries and then to other countries.

You must be aware that in the not too distant future many good Crypto coins will fade away due to the fact that they just won’t be adopted by enough people. But the winners will be those that managed to become adopted by more people, regardless of whether or not they are the best. Think VHS versus Betamax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my idea no matter if its negative or positive.


Sorry but you need to understand that the only way to obtain liteocin is to mine them or to buy them form an exchange or someone who already has them…
it is decentralized so those ideas can only work in a centralized environment like a private blockchain where you can control the amount of coins being generated…
There will only ever be 92 million litecoins to ever exist period…


Thanks for giving me the lay of the land. Appreciate your responses and best of luck with Litecoin.

Best regards

Not quite. Dash and ZCash and some of the new coins can pay for marketing proposals out of their budgets

right but Litecoin is a mine-able only coin…unlike those token givers out there…I personally steer clear of

Token giver? AFAIK know both coins mentioned are also mined. Just a % goes to the budget to be spent on marketing, development etc. Noticed that Decred has also decided to go that route. Far easier to do development/marketing if you have money to do it instead of relying on donations. Just seems logical to me. Definitely more romantic to rely on donations, but I would hate to put month’s of work in on an idea knowing I might never get the donations to take the idea to reality.

yes but all ICO tokens are "premined"
bitcoin and litecoin has never had “premined coins” they were mined and traded form the start…
ICO’s just steal peoples money anyway

If an ICO is stealing peoples money, then so must an IPO be stealing peoples money by that logic.

I wish I’d have got a piece of about one hundred IPOs I can think of - I’d be so rich, I wouldn’t be messaging you right now. Come to think of it, theres more than a few ICOs I wish I’d got a piece of.

I dont argue with ignorance

We’re not arguing. An ICO or an IPO does not amount to theft unless the company or coin is being promoted on a fraudulent basis.

if a coin is not mined into a blockchain in the beginning then it was created from arbitrary information and sold that way…bitcoins genesis block may have been created from arbitrary information but the first 50 coins mined were secured in a blockchain from the start…
a lot of those ICO coins like Ripple in particular…the “lead developers” just make some new coins to add onto the total supply…
there will only ever be 92million litecoins and 21 million bitcoins…unlimited number of most ICO coins if they are not all ready in circulation…I just don’t mess with coins that are not mined and majority of all ICO coins are not mineable coins at all…but that is jst me

You can Do what Ever you want with your Money…

Bakd247 Thanks, i appreciate your points. Thats why Bitcoin was created in the first place and we all appreciate that (i think) it represents an effective option to the manipulation of central banks. I came on this forum to spark a discussion and informative debate and despite my proposal not being suitable for Litecoin, i have got that from you guys. I didn’t get that on a few of the other forums. So once again, thanks.

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