Computer crashed, How can I transfer to a new core wallet?

Please advise. I downloaded another wallet on another computer and am trying to get them to show up.
All I have is the recieving address and password ( that I never used ) to get in to the wallet. I have them printed out in a paper copy. Thanks.

that’s not what you need…
what kind of wallet are you using?
you need your backup file or your private keys that belong to those public address…
and if using a Core Software wallet from if you have a backup from the old wallet just replace the wallet.dat file with the backup and rename it wallet.dat and restart litecoin…
if you have your private key type importprivkey into console…

cant transport coins with only a public address and password…

Thanks for the response. All I have is the public address, my passphrase and an encripted mess on a usb stick that I opened in Notepad. Will that import somewhere into a new Litecoin Core Wallet?

I’m very sorry. I am a real newcomer to all of this. I believe the file on my USB stick is my private key that is encrypted. I just cant figure out how to get it put on the new core wallet I downloaded on my desktop computer. What exactly do I need to type in the console to get it to import off the USB ? Thanks so much. I will be happy to reciprocate with other newbies to help them out as well.

so you have a backup that you saved to a USB stick? If so this is all you need

if you download core wallet and replace the file named wallet.dat in your appdata folder with your backup and rename it wallet.dat
you coins will show up in your wallet

but if you don’t have backup or a private key…your coins are gone…a backup or private key is the only way to “restore” wallets

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1- do you have coins on your old wallet? if yes, can you see your coins in your old wallet?
2- what it’s the name of your old wallet (the software)?

if you want to move your coins from the old wallet to the new one, you may just get a new address from the new wallet and send your coins from the old wallet (you may be ask for your passphrase, in order to do that).

Thanks so much. That did the trick. Happppppy Camper again.