Complete MWEB - Write what you think and why

Write what you think and why - When will MWEB be completed and reached, what price will LTC reach by the end of 2021? :face_with_monocle:

I don’t think it will break ATH (0.052) but it would be nice to reach 0.033.

I kinda agree with @Lite_Diss. I could be completely wrong but, [.01] worst case imo. Dream case scenario around [.25]. So I’m guessing anywhere from 300-10000. Reminder, this is a complete guess and not financial advice! I believe this based on the fact of Litecoin being well known, maintained with 100% uptime and great public information on development with very transparent leadership and developers (Appreciate all the work done by you David as many would agree). Also, Litecoin is the most closely related coin to decentralized finance with enough recognition, which I believe to be the main idea of cryptocurrency. The Price could just as easily crash after some major government regulations as well, so always remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.

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  • 10000
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You can vote up to two times if you believe it will be between certain values.

MWEB is on pace to go to market as early as September, with implementation starting on various platforms this fall!

Thank you for your opinion. Regards Piotr :grinning: