Community Feedback- Any interest for Asic/GPU Hosting service in Upstate NY

Hello everyone,

I used to be active on litecoin talk, but that was a long time ago and they have since then changed… a lot. For some reason I wasn’t able to recover my old account information.

So essentially, I am posting here today because I, like a lot of you out there, am a miner. I am currently reaching the boundries of my current location; so now I am looking for a bigger and better place.

This made me think. If I am going to find a bigger place that can house these power hungry, heat generating monsters; then why not get a place big enough to hold someone else’s machines also?

I live in upstate New York and the location would also be up here. Every hosting company that I can find is mostly on the west coast. I get it, they have low electrical rates. So do I.

So I would like some input. Is anyone interested in a hosting/colocation in upstate New York? Of course, the rates and the service would be competitive. I just would like to know how much interest there is so I
know what size place I should look into aquiring.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this. So here are some things we will offer:

Competitive Per/KW rates
ASIC & GPU services
Secure location
Fully Insured
24/7 365 support (phone support during the day and email at night)
Power cycles if needed
Troubleshooting and light repair
Machine cleaning. Air filters only go so far.
No time commitment
Options for us to provide or for you to buy accessories (PSU, risers, mobo, cpu…)
Of course basic infrastructure would be included (electrical, internet, rack space…)

If this is something that gains a lot of interest then I will most definitely pursue it. Location will be disclosed and I would allow clients or potential clients to attend an open house.

Thank you,


the problem your going to have is the transparency…I recently tried buying a mining contract from and all they are doing is buying $30 worth of bitcoin and paying it out with recurring payments once a month and showing the website as a credit posted somewhere else that I am not aloud access to…transparency and decentralization is what drives the crypto world…getting new people to trust you that have never heard of bitcoin is useless I now know and the people who do know about crypto are in it mainly to avoid central banks…at least that was my main motivator…anyways…the reason bitcoin works so well is because it eliminates trust form the transaction…services or products provided in trade are the only trusted part left in a transaction
I love the idea of other people hosting for me however I got into this so I didn’t have to trust anyone anymore so it goes against my morals to all the sudden hope someone is going what they say they are…not to mention if a central server goes down the money goes with it…also why bitcoin works so well…no need for a central server aka HOST because everyone is a host