Community Building

Hi guys,

I´m new here and I have some questions.

I am an animal lover, and I work in animal welfare. I´ve seen so much cruelty and suffering, that it brought me to the idea to start a fund-raising page with NFTs.

Some knowledgeable friends and volunteers helped me to set it up. Obviously, we don´t have a lot of money for marketing. We know a lot about animals, but not much about online business. Can you give me some ideas on how to build a community and raise awareness?

I appreciate your advice and help. Thank you so much in advance.


I’d recommend searching for community building videos or blogs for any project. Clearing redundant negative posters and encouraging factual posts will attract a positive crowd. Good luck.

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thank you so much for your answer. We were thinking about videos, and shortly starting with it. Thanks for taking your time, and the advice. Happy new year and all the best to you.

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This sounds like a lovely idea, Angela. Do you have a website?

Also consider with NFT’s there is an expectation the art is original and unique. The rights to the artwork are also generally with the owner of the NFT.

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thank you :blush:
If you see so many animals suffering, you just have to act. I can´t just passing and ignoring it…
We do have a website, yes. Will send it to you via pn. Would be lovely if you check it out and give us some feedback, if you don´t mind?

Do you like them? your honest opinion is much appreciated.
Happy new year

Sorry I can´t send it to you - saveanimalsnft (dot com)

I don’t know why. Maybe its because you are a new user. My profile accepts PM’s. I have PM’d you.

Selfmade WP Page. You save on the wrong side mate.

yes, it´s because I´m new

sorry mate, we are an animal welfare, we don´t have a major budget. I´ve mentioned that. We have to do things step by step, that´s why I´m asking for advice to do community building, and spreading our news. If we had that budget, it would be easy to do it. Thanks anyways for your statement

Have you tried to find someone who could help you in the quest to arm a halfway professional looking website? To take donation you need to emit trust. Do you think a website visibly done as self made does help your cause?

Thank you Nickz,
your right, we will definitely work on our presence.