Coming back from water damage - trouble shooting, swapping boards and controllers?

I’ve recently had an issue where a pipe burst and caused some water damage. The only real casualty was an A4+ Dominator. It was on the floor and the PSU got wet and fried. At one point I was able to get some power to the A4 controller, but now it’s not responding at all. I am trying to figure out what my best path forward is…This unit has paid itself off several times over, and I don’t want to invest too much money into it if I don’t have to.

How can I test the boards? I have seven other Antminer L3+ units hashing away - but tuned up the A4+ had a decent enough lead on them. Can the Innosillicon boards be swapped with the Antminer boards? Can I create a new controller from a Raspberry Pi? As crazy as it sounds, I also have two old A2 Terminators collecting dust, is there any chance the controllers from there could push jobs to the A4 boards?

Any help greatly appreciated -

you can’t swap bitmain company with innosilicon units…

i assume you have gone here and re-flashed the SD card or replaced SD card THEN reflashed it?

you MAY be able to replace raspberry PI with another…but if the PI sits in some kinda ‘bridge controller’ the ‘black box’ maybe not.

as an aside…the Innosilicon A4 Dominator came with 2 PSU’s are you using such? Are they really

1050 watts each per 280mh unit (this device came with 2 paired units at 280mh each)

if you are NOT using the PSU’s that came with the A4 Dominator…what are you using (or were using)



Apologies, it is a A4+ LTCMaster - so little different from the A4 Dominator. The Dominator had two tubes, this has one. I was using one of the converted HP server PSUs rated at 1200W - an HSTNS-PL11 but it looks unresponsive and dead…

This was averaging 24hr hash rates of 700-710MH/s - which is why I would love to get it back up and running - but even at that it would pull around $5 a day at the current LTC prices…

I would hate to try and sell the boards without confirming that they were still good or not…

The only thing I can think of is to try each board separately in the unit?

there is an guy for years on with handle of Lightfoot …which fixed boards back in the day…you can research him on the site…he might be able to fix…he did not used to charge if he could not…

I don’t suppose there is a fuse or circuit breaker (round reset) on this beast huh?

oh…also there is a innosilicon A4+ thread on bitcointalk as well…

just google for the above to get to the specific forums

all I got sorry