Coins using MWEB will have "ltcmweb" prefix

On a github commit early today (Changed "mweb" address prefix to "ltcmweb" · ltc-mweb/litecoin@b7a1b88 · GitHub), @david changed the prefix for public addresses on MimbleWimble Extension Block. This means that the public addresses we are going to use will have “ltcmweb” and not just “mweb”.

        +  mweb_hrp = "ltcmweb";

This change clearly is made in benefit of whole Cryptocurrency’s ecosystem. LTC MWEB is not the only implementation of Mimblewimble (there’s also Beam and Grin), nor will be the last one.

MWEB could also be implemented on Bitcoin as well, which could clearly have a “btcmweb” prefix.


This is one of the main arguments @coblee made when he convinced us to change it :slightly_smiling_face:


There is a lot of noise about MWEB but I am still unable to understand how the Litecoin community will be benefited from this new update

Who should be the user of the MWEB. Is this Algo will run on Miner’s, Wallets, Blockchain, Exchange or Nodes level equipment?

Just take a look at this conversation with @coblee : WHY IS CRYPTO NUKING? (w/ Charlie Lee) - YouTube He is able to explain it very well. Three words: Economic privacy matters.


Check out this article: Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee Says Financial Privacy is a Human Right - Chris on Crypto

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More benefits of using ‘ltcmweb’ prefix. @david recently posted the first ‘ltcmweb’ address on twitter:


We haven’t been able to check if there have been action on this address and that’s a good thing.
Does anybody know how much this address holds? NO!

Also, by using ‘ltcmweb’ we can make litecoins’ address more foolproof. The first three letters are still ltc, so software can be used to handle the addresses not making it super difficult for users to select the correct layer.


“ltcmweb” prefix)) just prefix… so long

i already create new type of adress in v0.21.2rc1, prefix look perfectly :smiling_face:


@Tara_Annison Have you seen this thread?