Coins never arrived in my wallet

I withdrew a small amount of Litecoin from bitpetite. They have not arrived in my Exodus wallet. I checked on BlockCypher and it has 6+ confirmations. Should it not be in my wallet by now? How can I find out where it has gone? Fairly new to this so don’t really know what to do. Can anyone give me some advice?

do you have the private key for the address you sent the coins to in the exodus wallet?

I’ve had that problem with Exodus, too, when sending Bitcoin Cash. I closed the program and reopened it and presto!

Did it arrive?

The problem was my mistake. I had been using Jaxx but wanted to change to Exodus.
I downloaded version 1.35.5 and used the LTC address in Bitpetite.
I had no funds in Exodus.
I then downloaded Exodus 1.36.1 and imported my Jaxx wallet using my 12 word phrase (to claim my BCH as Jaxx don’t seem to be able to get it together regarding implementing it).
I didn’t backup the old Exodus wallet and never changed the LTC address in Bitpetite.
Luckily it was only a small amount and nothing to worry about.
A big cock up from me and one I won’t make again.

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