CoinDeal available in the USA soon


In two to three weeks time Coindeal will be available in the USA. I wanted to share this news since I’m using this exchange platform myself. If you’re a Segwit user like me, you may also be interested because the fees are lower! :star_struck:

After Binance being hacked, security should be our priority and Coindeal has great security protocols.

But these are my opinions. What are yours? Have you ever tried this platform?

No funds are safe if others have your private keys, so exchanges aren’t good. Exchanges that charge “fees” will go away and be largely unsustainable, I worry about insider threats, exit scams, etc. Likely Coindeal success hinges on them accessing the US trading market, they need some good news to quell investors concerned about cash flow. I wouldn’t recommend any exchange, too risky to trust anyone else with your wealth, they will start to crumble because of the economics of the business. Fees will go to 0, then what? Already atomic swaps make it safe to swap LTC for BTC without exchanges getting involved.

And some sources for people to make their own opinions biased by my opinions: Coindeal Exchange Review

Coindeal is a Malta based crypto currency exchange site. Coindeal offers an above average number of tradable markets, however offers a below average number of tradable pairs. Coindeal also has a significantly above average commission fee on trades. Coindeal has a great team with a very experienced CEO, however Coindeal is lacing a team member that focuses on security issues. A concern for this project includes a lack of insurance in the case of a hack. (emphasis added)

PS: Nothing against Malta, but I’d rather work with exchanges organized in the US because the protections for consumers are much, much higher. Buy USA :grin:

Moi je préfère acheter en France - plus serieux.