Coinbase SUCKS...please help me find a better debit card alternative

Does anyone know of a US based exchange other than coinbase that I can buy and sell bitcoin using paypal or a debit card? I am sick and tired of coinbase’s constant crap excuses of “minor outage”…that does not explain why they take almost a week to give me my money for a sell that was marked as instant on their site so I have to find a new coin vendor that will use direct deposit or anything…I just need to be able to buy and sell to debit cards…any help is greatly appreciated

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Hi, sorry to hear, I saw your post and thought I could find an answer to my problem that is kind of similar to yours.
I have Bitcoins and Litecoins wallets on as well, and I’m Canadian. I’m kind of new at trading and wanted, after few weeks, sell the Bitcoins to reinvest the money in Litecoins only. BUT, YOU KNOW WHAT? On Coinbase, you cannot sell if you’re in Canada, because the don’t have links with banks anymore. So what? I just leave my money there until they find a solution. Dudes, it’s my money, and I want it back.
I was so angry…

For now, I’m trying to open accounts on other markets so I can send Bitcoins to myself, and then sell them. I’ll see if it will work but as I said I’m still a newbie.
You’re right, They suck!

I am using bitpay as it is the only card aloud in Atlanta, Ga where I live…its very frustrating…even “shakepay” isn’t aloud here…however…I was able to obtain a “virtual card” through shakepay as they do not require address verification…and the virtual card is free…so that is an option that one might try with say $10 from shakepay to load the shakepay vitual card and then make sure one can spend it…as long as it works I’d just use that online and get a prepaid card that can accept digital loads for local spending

With the current price bitcoin network transaction fee the transfer fee can be quite substantial making smaller transfers not economical With BCH depending on your initial investment with Coinbase it may be worth sitting on the investment till the Canadian market opens up.
If you are determined you could convert your coins from Coinbase to your non Coinbase altcoin wallet using

Shapeshit does not deposit into bank accounts…this does not help my situation…thanks anyway

Robinhood but it is currently only available in 5 states.

EasyBit ATM 2-way are now just about everywhere