Coinbase closed my account

Hi, I am in desperate need of help:(
Coinbase this morning closed my account logged me out of my app when I tried to go back they had “we have close your account, please transfer all the coins you have to an outside account” something along those lines!!! Was at work couldn’t deal with it so now I am home and I read about LoafWallet I downloaded and logged into Coinbase and sent all the 53 litecoins I had to LoafWallet based on the address LoafWallet gave me, once I hit send in Coinbase, Coinbase immediately showed my litecoin account as zero and said completed, I never received the coins in LoafWallet! I read online I need to sync so I hit that option of syncing and did that but nothing is showIng up!! Did I lose the money😏?? Why did coinbase close my account ? Had it for two years !!! I am lost , that’s 5000 dollars everything I had, I was excited this morning that litcoins were going up but maybe it is time to get depressed I have nothing to track and coinbase says completed that’s all:(

I really cant help you . But could i buy coin from you ?

When you figure it out?

I did not figure it out, the coins are not in coinbase anymore and I never received them in loafwallet!! And all coinbase says now is that I have zero litecoins

did you make sure that your wallet is fully synced? i transferred from coinbase to litecoin core and it took forever cause it was so slow to sync. took like 13 hours to show up. if you put in your wallets correct address and made sure it was a litecoin address, they have to show up eventually.

I synced half hour after I realized I didnt receive them. Went online read some people saying u have to sync that’s when I did it, so I did it after I sent them not before :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:!!! It what worries me is that I have n itching to track no code nothing all my basecoin shows is completed and zero litecoin since they want me to close the account which doesnt make sense at all I’ve been with them for two years!!! Not even a confirmation email to say I sent those litecoins!!! How fair is that??

A good understanding of how the blockchain works is required so bear with me as I explain. We all say Blockchain what it really is system of records which means it records every transaction that has ever happened.

When you download a blockchain and wallet generate an address and then send your coins to it. Assuming you did this today, Litecoin is now at Block: 1328625 your new transaction would in this range or some where close.

Now when you are told to synch it means you are getting a copy of all transactions from Block 1 to 1328625 (which took years to accumulate and is still being written to) you will not see your transaction after 1 hour because you have not got to the block where a record or your transaction is written.

To confirm your transaction go to :
Enter the address you gave CoinBase and search. If its there then you will see it in your wallet when your wallet is up to date. It could take days depending on the speed of your connection. Now you understand why some people use light wallets. I use Litecoin Core and also Exodus wallet.
I hope this helps please feel free to ask for clarification if needed.


i copy pasted my address and looked it up in the link you gave me, it says my transaction doesnt exist!!!

would my money just disappear? I mean can I lose it forever? since it is not in coinbase anymore and they want to close my account and it dodnt arrive to my loafwallet? can someone in this world steel it and I never get hold of it?
how do I reach coinbase customer service I am not able to find how I can email them or talk to them

no idea how to contact coinbase. I’ve read in several places that keeping coins in an exchange is a terrible idea so i transfered anything i had into my Litecoin Core and then saved a backup.dat onto a usb. that sucks this is happening to you. only suggestion is to keep contacting coinbase by email/tritter/facebook/phone is available. i know in canada all corporations must register a phone number with the government, not sure where coinbase is located but you could try a corporate profile search to determine some form of contact number once you know the country of origin. hopefully its not 3rd world. good lesson others can learn here. F exchanges. keep your coins youself and backup your data. i read somewhere if you put in the wrong wallet or an invalid one, your coins are gone forever. to be honest it sounds like coinbase is screwing you from what you have said. they always emailed me a confirmation when i would sent coins.

good luck man.

I EMAILED THEM ALL THE PROBLEM two hours ago, and the funny part I received an email back now from them telling me how they appreciate my feedback and that the features I requested they will be taken into consideration and that their product manager will be looking at that.
in other words, an answer that has nothing to do with my question!!!

@dani sorry I missed your reply. Its great to hear you have contacted CoinBase. I would also recommend you also contact on their reddit or Twitter page in fact both. I noticed most companies in this space tend to respond to public questions. If you choose to do so do not include any information on these forum. I have seen question like “what are you doing with ticket …”

Did you figure anything out yet?

nothing they did not reply. i think my money 5000 dollars is just lost. maybe this is how coinbase makes its money, is by steeling people’s money and not replying to them!!!

yeah I posted in a forum on reddit, there is nothing. I contacted loafwallet anf a very nice person replied to my checked for me in a database search the address I have in loafwallet didnt show anything , zero sent sero received. he said sometimes it takes to take coinbase two weeks to reply.
I ran a report in coinbase and it shows my address that i sent the money to but it doesnt show any status!!!

Did you receive the email from Coinbase asking you to confirm the withdrawl. Should be at the email address you registered with. Nothing will move until you hit that confirm button

No I did not, and that what makes me more worried!!! but when I run the report on their page, I see my transfer to the loaf wallet listed, but not transaction number or anything. only the date and the amount of litecoins and the oafwallet address

Dani, first relax.

You DID not lose your coins. I can tell you this as FACT if you sent to the right address.

There are time lags with Coinbase where transactions can get stuck for a few hours to even a day.

The transaction will show as pending but NO other information is given. Rest assured, it will show up and you will receive your coins.

Contact me at if you still have issues. But I’m expecting that won’t be necessary.

Have a good night.

Best Regards,

Coinbase has not replied to me since 12/8/17 and my litecoins are nowhere to be found!! my loaf wallet is still empty. coinbase still has not given me an answer about my 53 litecoins!!

@dani I am sorry this still has not been resolved. Lets give it sometime. It appears all the Exchanges are being swamped with crypto craze going on. Coinbase recently indicated they are increasing their staff to deal with the many call/emails. Lets hope for the best.