Coinbase and Price Difference

Hey guys, new here but not new to trading (stocks anyway, new to cryptos)

Im looking at and the price is 49.64 for LTC. Last traded 24 minutes, Im looking at my coinbase account at its like 45$.

Is one live and the other isn’t? if so how much difference? Cause man that’s over 10% price difference…

Welcome to crypto currencies! That difference is nothing unusual. Most Litrecoin trading happens on Chinese exchanges, OKCoin and Huobi in particular, and Chinese investors are often prepared to pay a premium.

When you prepare to buy, they’ll not only charge yopu a fee but sell you the coins .20 cents more expensive… kind of buggin me actually

To save the fees and spread, you can always transfer your USD to Coinbase as USD. Once the funds have cleared - transfer instantly the USD to GDAX exchange - from there you can control your buy - setting your own price. Once converted to either BTC or LTC - transfer them back to Coinbase and then to your personal wallet.

If you don’t want the hassle - then pay the fees…


This is the real reason why Charles left Coinbase :wink:

Not a bad strategy… gunna try it… Coinbase is out… i dont like their business