Clarify Litecoin daily volume

I’m new to the forum and joined seeking assistance to understand Litecoin’s daily volume.

From Coinmarketcap I read the volume is $11,019,531,225 or 63,653,992 LTC. This is impressive and positions LTC volume as 17% of BTC volume.

Also, this daily volume is roughly the same as LTC market cap. What does this mean? All LTC is transferred every day? That doesn’t happen with other cryptos.

Now, Bitinfocharts informs “Litecoins sent last 24h” 23,099,884 LTC ($3,991,084,687 USD) 34.61% market cap. That’s completely different numbers.

Please assist understanding LTC volume. Thanks.

In leveraged futures it is not uncommon for volume to be very large. People get in and out many times building up the volume but not actual amount of coins on the exchange. In the silver market daily volume can exceed annual mining supply. If you and me each have one litecoin and we trade them back and forth a thousand times in one day. Volume is in the thousands even though there are only 2 litecoin to be traded.

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Have you saw this? —> Volume / Market Cap 0.09039