Citigroup to consider launching cryptocurrency services

Bank reveals high level of interest in bitcoin among its clients, including large asset managers.

Citigroup is considering launching cryptocurrency services amid growing customer interest. Itai Tuckman, head of the bank’s global currency division, told the Financial Times that the company is exploring the possibility of providing clients with services for trading, storage and financing transactions with digital assets.

Tuckman stressed that the company will introduce such a service once it is convinced of its security, usefulness to customers, and the support of financial regulators. The bank has seen a growing interest from a wide range of clients in bitcoin, including from large asset managers.

Earlier it became known that the U.S. bank Goldman Sachs will offer its clients the opportunity to earn on changes in the rate of bitcoin, receiving payments in fiat currency. The new product will be futures, in which both parties agree on the date and price of the transaction in advance.