CHINA Wholesale Antminers, all in stock every miner

What’s up! I have connections to over 20 Chinese wholesalers. Down payment is needed depending on each units price. They send the miner within 2-3 weeks to your address and you send the rest of the money directly to them. I get the downpayment as per my contract(deal) with them. I have many miners I have saved for months and may plan on selling. If you’re interested please PM ME, deals done exclusively on here

you need some demo units on this sent to some trusted members…no one is gonna believe you otherwise…just saying too many scammers say the same as yourself

just saying, you may need more proof to pull off any sales you may be trying to do …your word alone is not good enough

I can review a miner…will not tell folk they could get them in mass…but at least would show they exist and a review

you have to build up trust due to scammer situations we’ve been exposed to over the years

just saying, not slamming your attempt…but hard to tell the wolves from the sheep in this kinda thing

Will do, I’m selling to interested buyers. Will have my wholesaler foward me pictures with proof and I will not give free units

You’re going to need to give a few away to get rep or enter in escrow for your first sales. Nobody will buy without you making a sacrifice. Besides, bitmain is still releasing waves of s9.

what Paulj1171 says above is true…you need someone to DEMO your units…I could do so (see my trust rating for such on under Searing and profile)

or as he says, someone to ACT as escrow…IF you are legit we see here and on bitcointalk about 10 of these we have miners for sale scams a week…

so you need trusted members to demo your unit and do a review here and www.bitcointalk and on the scrypt-pow and litecoin threads on each, to let folk know

IDEALLY, you would send a DEMO unit for FREE to review (ahem, shameless plug for me to review) and also do ESCROW thru a trusted member here or on bitcointalk. The reason a FREE unit would be ideal, is no risk to reviewer and would immediately show your likely legitness, small price for the PR and of course escrow on
top of this would make all nay sayers, sit up and take notice you likely would be a legit equipment maker

with that kind of confidence you’d have the entire planet run to your product rather then bitmain!

pre-orders under the above circumstances would have very little risk and a lot of reward imho

anyway, how I’d do it if I wanted word of mouth and was legit and wanted to mess with bitmain’s monopoly