ChickunMEX? just an idea

Hi everyone,
i am new here and made this account to share something.

I was wondering, since Litecoin has Ordinals and cheap fees, if it would be possible, to make a Bitmex / GMX style derivatives exchange on Litecoin rails, and get the whole crypto community back on track to something more exciting than trading memecoins, esp since there could possibly be ETFs in the narrative, giving Litecoin a place like Bitmex back then, could be wild, no?
It could crowdsource liquidity on the rails of something like Thor pools maybe, payout some fees and have LTC-20 governing token.
Degens from all over the world could flock in, onchain, with the security and the cheap fees of Litecoin.

Obv it would be a regulatory nightmare, so I don’t know if this is what Litecoin or the community or anyone needs, But im pretty sure, there should be a place in this world for this.
I am no dev, have no math skills, funding, or anything that would help to build it. But I thought id leave this here for whomever would like to hear this.