Charlie Lee Proposes 1% Volunteer Miner Fee To Fund Litecoin Development. What do you think?

Charlie Lee Proposes 1% Volunteer Miner Fee To Fund Litecoin Development. What do you think?

I’d likely do this, if it was setup on pools as an option. What do others on here think?


I also wonder if miners care. Sounds fishy to me. Charlee cashed $200 mln, when BTC was at ATH. Why the f???k is he so greedy???
I think im gonna sell before halving. There are better technologies now, blokchain sounds like fossil these days.

Well, I’d toss 1% at this just to keep LTC going, it is not like the Devs for LTC are very speedy. I think they talked about Mimblewimble 2 years ago almost now. And it is true with dodge on most pools like you get 105%…so I’d toss 1% in such a dev fund. But again, it would likely have to be a the pool level for it to have any traction IMHO.

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wo shi yi ming kuang gong, zhichi
我是一名矿工 我支持


Why not

if it’s necessary.

Pourquoi pas si c’est nécessaire.

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Well I’ve not heard anything on this. Is this now just a big ‘yawn’? I’d support such, but again, at the pool level would probably be best or at least you get on a pool you have the option to check a box for such donations.

But again, does not seem to be going anyplace, from the news I’ve seen. :frowning:

well litecoin pool its a option to so we doing do the 1% it for good cause it not even missed when use antminer the flow is good no complains here

Edit again sorry

Iwas not ever able to make revenue from mining litecoin after 2017 cpu mining was not good enough for it or i was doing something wrong. I did not ever try mining before 2018 so not sure about then.

Is this for transaction fees 1% extra does not sound like much

good idea

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Not sure about other pools, but gives us the option to donate, on a side note, is there a link or site for all the litecoin pools and statistics?


Found this if anyone is interested. :metal:

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No more to be seen?? You must be joking right?


so why not?

It would work alot better if we could see how much money they need - and then chip in for that amount.

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I would completely agree. Also I like the option to donate in the Litewallet.

Remember LTC is succeeding in the development stage toward mass use. That’s worth supporting.

As far as I know, this plan went no place, or am I mistaken…are miners actually doing this?