Challenge for Litecoinusers

@everyone do you have a user on a message board?
Well follow this example

I think Litecoin grows better when nobody talks about it. This way, only those that are truly interested in getting involved with it get close to it.

I’m skeptical of all of those that want the price of Litecoin to go up. Why is that they want to the price to go up? Isn’t it just because they want to sell the Litecoin for a profit? So, they want to get rid of Litecoin as soon as possible. For them, Litecoin is just a vehicle for a quick buck. Talking about Litecoin attract people like that, because the marketing gives them confidence that the price will go up thanks to “greater fool theory”.

I wish for more Litecoin, to be paid in Litecoin, to pay in Litecoin. To receive loans in Litecoin, to crowdfund in Litecoin. To do business using Litecoin.

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Unfortunately for litecoin is that the foundation seems to share your view. Marketing is not hiding under a rock but showing your best. I don’t care much about the price if more businesses would take Litecoin a a tender but as people seemingly share your view how can that happen?

Would you as a store owner think to use a payment coin if you haven’t heard of it? In respect to the message board post: well its not about price.

Litecoin is still experimental, and most people still do not fully understand the implications of using self-sovereign money. To attract unprepared people with something this immature might be inviting them into a trap. The people that ended up finding Litecoin and decided to stay at least are consenting to the risk.

I agree, that Litecoin, is not suitable for average Joe. I am into crypto since 2012, and I see it as a form of payment and I stick to this. I like the slow growth of Litecoin.

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Its ok just don’t forget that Crypto is not a static product. More coins come, so the public needs to be made aware. That is the whole point of this exercise.