CGminer and GTX1080 TI card

Hello I’m running CGminer I only have one video card a GTX1080 Founder Edition on litecoinpool. mining is good however it shows 175Kh/s the site it shows over 700Kh/s. That is not the only strange thing. It doesn’t even stay close to that hash rate. keeps going down in hashing power Into it hits Zero. then it comes back up to that 700Kh/s hashing rate and keeps going down into again it hits Zero again. It keeps repeating. Has anyone had this problem and if so what should i do? I’m all default settings that comes with the CGminer. Also my Video card is on all default settings. I don’t mod or boost my cards because i want them around for a long time.


if you are doing this for fun…fine…you will burn way more electric then you will ever get in LTC at this point.

I have 500gh 800watt Bitmain L3+ miners ‘shut off’ because at 10c kWh they don’t make $$$ at the data hall.

thus look at the watts of your card and you will see for ‘fun’ is fine on a solo pool…otherwise you are just burning out a card eventually and cash to electric

take the same electric you use on the card and just buy LTC you’d be much better off

as to the card issues others can answer here


Hello thanks for the information. No I’m not doing this for fun. Also I’m not paying for a power bill when i bought this house it came with a deal. 2 years no power bill and it’s only been 3 moths so I’m okay on power wise. I also have a L3+ miner at 600Mh/s i use on litecoin.


@ josephchrzempiec
What frequency do you set? for 600 Mh/s in l3+.
Do you see HW in hashboards?(hardware failer)