Can't synchronize


After I open my litecoin wallet, the application process ‘reindexing blocks on disk’ then ‘synchronizing with network’ but always stop at 828637 of 1217042 so it can’t complete to synchronize.
Please help and tell me how to fix this problem.
Please see the log below…
You can see ERROR after finishing reindex.

2017-06-07 02:39:02 SetBestChain: new best=ab0eef787d5c4b83522c766645f69bce2975f760dfca8fb5b5951151449528e7 height=828637 log2_work=65.200355 tx=6506336 date=2015-08-05 22:44:09 progress=0.355270
2017-06-07 02:39:02 ProcessBlock: ACCEPTED
2017-06-07 02:39:02 Loaded 10244 blocks from external file in 983200ms
2017-06-07 02:39:02 Unable to open file /Users/yuisayaka/Library/Application Support/Litecoin/blocks/blk00031.dat
2017-06-07 02:39:02 Reindexing finished
2017-06-07 02:39:05 ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : nonstandard transaction (not-final)
2017-06-07 02:39:09 ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : nonstandard transaction (not-final)
2017-06-07 02:39:21 stored orphan tx 04e86a8daf4075b3abf10d37214de7f974e6037ac6c27237423b33974996e4f6 (mapsz 1)
2017-06-07 02:39:34 stored orphan tx 39bb9b962b90cc57fbf48c4731480bdcd1b242fe3afd54bac89082a7afe435ef (mapsz 2)
2017-06-07 02:39:34 ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : nonstandard transaction (not-final)
2017-06-07 02:39:34 ERROR: CTxMemPool::accept() : nonstandard transaction (not-final)
2017-06-07 02:39:35 stored orphan tx 9330743bffc8d355e5ff36544bf42de6cc822890d39ef3833b2723858c652798 (mapsz 3)
2017-06-07 02:39:44 stored orphan tx 6921b2e77e75842d2716fc6b73292400253be030cd1c8ab0f33bd6fc109967c7 (mapsz 4)

you are out of drive space or you need more ram but more than likely too low on drive space …
not enough virtual ram available to load chain data is another possibility as well…
I dealt with this about 2 years ago with bitcoin

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Thank you for your reply. My PC has 70GB available Disk space , so I will check the memory free space of my mac PC.

its gotta be the RAM then I’d recommend at least 4GB even though the website says you need at least 2…looks like you indexed fine but the software cant remember where its suppose to find the data to syc the chain…so you have the chain downloaded just not synced…definitely RAM

I changed the RAM of my pc from 2G to 8G but the problem is still continued…
Please help…

try opening console and type flushmempool looks like theres a “invalid transaction” stuck in your memory pool…double check this is the correct command by typing help first

I couldn’t find the command "flushmempool ", i might have to upgrade the litecoin application version.

And I found unconfirmed transaction, so I will try to command " abandontransaction “ID” " but I can’t find this command too.

yeah…its not in the older versions…download the newest version of core…that’s the one and only problem guaranteed…using old software that is… and click download for your system…it will use your existing chain data and doesn’t need to download blockchain again…I bet once you download it will sync right up no problem

I’ll update to ver 0.10.4. I can’t update to the newest ver because of my Mac OS version. Where can I download the 0.10.4? I can’t find it…

you can download form source and compile it and install it with your system dependencies from and when you start it make sure to start it with the -upgradewallet which will upgrade you to the latest format…
or…maybe you can try starting your old wallet version with that flag too…in windows I would open command prompt and type litecoin.exe -upgradewallet and in Linux ./litecoin-qt -upgradewallet…I don’t use macs so your on your own there…sorry…hope this helps

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I’ve registered github but I haven’t still got litecoin ver 0.10.4 for macOS…how can I get it?? Sorry…

I stayed in Kenya last week and i left my PC in Japan…now I’m in Japan

you need to build from source and then compile and install it…pretty sure there are macOS notes in the readme files if there is anything extra needed
I use Linux so when I download using git I run then run make install and run it and all works fine…but that’s Linux…mac is similar from what I understand but I don’t know for sure…good luck

This look just like my problem, did you fix it and how? I have a mac and having the same problems . Everytime I open my wallet its 250 weeks or more behind , why is that ?

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more than likely you have a "RAM allocation problem"
where are you saving your blockchain data? are you using default setting and if you are then it might be clearing your cache every time you close the program…might double check your application setting and make sure your are not clearing temporary data every time you close it…and if it never syncs then it is a RAM allocation problem

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Thanks for that info . Not sure how to check that tho. It’s up to date now but still can’t send LTC.
I down loaded a new updated wallet but that did not help. if you can help me fix this I will be happy to send you some LTC

thanks Lino

if using windows go to start, windows administrative tools, memory diagnostics…
you can degrag and check memory with this and it will tell you if it cannot be allocated…one other option is to start litecoin with administrator privileges by right clicking, then selecting “run as administrator”