Can't open .dat file on electrum for my litecoins

Hey Everybody,

about 4 years ago i bought some litecoins and saved them on my electrum wallet (could’ve been litecoin-qt memory is fuzzy on this)

I didn’t encrypt it, but i also didnt save the private key. very stupid i know now

I know upon saving the .dat file, I re-opened it, and seeing as I had no issue with opening it, I saved left them on external hard drive, not worrying about private keys

Now, I can’t open them on electrum-ltc wallet, or litecoin-qt wallet and don’t really know how to go about this.

Any info on this would be appreciated.

eeeeeekkkkkk… that sucks wish i had an answer…

have you tried google searching???

I think you probably used litecoin-qt since the wallet file for electrum-ltc is named: default_wallet

Did you be sure to copy the wallet.dat file back to your data directory ( before trying to open it with litecoin-qt/core?

thanks for the reply. ill try to copy it back to the data directory now

i renamed the file to litecoins.dat when i saved it at the time, but just recently changed it to wallet.dat after reading a few forum posts to change it to that, dont know if it’ll make any difference

Basically i did use litecoin-qt. so long ago couldnt even remember

if anyone has this problem in the future just try downloading litecoin qt wallet and downloading the entire network. took me about 9 hours to download. but great feeling to see they were all still there :slight_smile: