Cant import Mini-private key

I have a couple of Physical Litecoin’s based upon Cassius Bitcoins

I have the Public Key and see that the Litecoins are there :slight_smile:

They have a Mini Private Key under the Seal/sticker that I cant import into Litecoin Core

I keep getting

Invalid private key encoding (code -5) :frowning:

Thanks In advance


Same mini private key like this?

You should be able to use liteaddress on an OFFLINE COMPUTER to convert your MINI pk to a standard one, like this:

Best way is to download page zip, move it to a separate offline computer and run the conversion tool there.
You should be able to import standard or compressed keys to, let’s say, Litecoin-qt or electrum-ltc

If this was helpful and you and want to say thanks…
Every litoshi is much appreciated, this is my Litecoin address:


Did it work?