Can't abandon transaction

I created a transaction that’s got 0 confirmations after 2 days. I read it needs to be abandonded but that option is greyed out and all cli options are ineffective.

What can I do to cancel this transaction or force it?

I am in the same boat as you.

My transaction has been unconfirmed for over 2 days, i lost over $300 while its stuck in the stupid pool, i paid max fees i could. I have no option to cancel on my Ledger Nano S (i dont know why they hype up this wallet so much on social media), im just stuck here praying it cancels itself, nobody on this forum even knows how long it takes for a transaction to fall out of the stupid pool if at all.

Im really losing faith in this Coin, i thought it was better than this, imagine if i had sent $10,000 i would be dieing from grief right now

can you post the txid?