Cannot sweep LTC from paper wallet

Please help… could not sweep paper wallet to Litevault wallet for over a day. Gave up and downloaded the Electrum-LTC wallet. Followed guides- got the priv. key in WIF , imported the key, requested to sweep wallet and it has been pending for hours. Checked, shows 0 transactions. Back on Electrum, transaction is now void as time expired.I have tried to input the info again,but the sweep button is disabled. This has been most trying. This process has been horrible and time consuming with another failure. Please… can someone help? Thank you .

Are you willing to share the public address you are trying to sweep?

I can only think you configured a very low fee, thus causing the transaction being rejected.

On the other hand, you can also import WIF private key on electrum-ltc, with no sweep at all, and you’ll be able to spend coins as desired.

Thank you for responding. Sweeping is new to me, so i am unsure about the “low fee.” I did not see a space to input a fee. Could you explain? As well, does importing the WIF private key means putting in the key and then specifically filling out how much coins to import?

I was worried as I thought I had lost my LTC’s, as yesterday the paper wallet address came up as invalid after the many failures. However, on checking this morning the coins are in my paper wallet under the initial public address.

It was a scary time, so I will glean info from those more experienced and kind enough to help, and try again later on to import. Again, thanks.

Don’t worry.

May I know why do you need to sweep your key? Knowing that, It will be easier for me to point you in the right path.

Will be waiting for your answer.

Here is a easy way to sweep your paper wallet.

  1. Download Loafwallet
  2. Scan private key
  3. Done.
  4. Spend your Litecoin :slight_smile:

I wanted the coins out of the paper wallet for two reasons. For exchanges and for the option to cash out some if I wanted to at some point. From my reading, it seemed that was the way to do it, to be ready before the need. Thank you again for your kindness.

This seems very easy for a non- techie as myself.

I cannot scan the key, so could I simply type it in? As well would that be the private key on the paper wallet in that form, as i had gotten the WIF format as directed, and that was a real problem. Litevault would not accept that compressed key, and nothing happened on Electrum.

Thank you for your direction.