Can someone help I sent my LTC to my BTC Wallet and now I cannot get them back

I made the fatal accident of sending my LTC from binance exchange to my BTC wallet p2pb2b exchange and now they are unreachable, Is there a way I can do this? Both exchanges are refusing to help. They have ended up in a wallet a litecoin wallet MQgCXuKf2VpPvGmQ8d3NgW7gA9mSB2ejyd but I dont know how to access them. They are showing as unspent


If the target address belongs to an exchange, you can do nothing if they are not willing to help. I kind of understand the exchanges, it is not a trivial amount of work to recover LTC from their equivalent BTC address. Doing it for nothing doesn’t make much sense from a business point of view.
What annoys me that no freaking exchange shows a warning when users put a BTC format address to an LTC withdrawal field…
If they ever touch those coins, you can start a legal action, I guess.

What they are saying is they are not the exchange, which does not make sense to me
It was sent to my btc wallet starting 3JU4****** and its ended up in MQgCX****** wallet. Their LTC wallet is MJjuMMv*****


Well, the problem is that the tech support might not understand what they are talking about.
If they have access to 3JU4E1uh5Nxy7mVW2k42rrsGqTAz7gC5mb Bitcoin address, they also have access to the same 3JU4E1uh5Nxy7mVW2k42rrsGqTAz7gC5mb LTC address which is absolutely equivalent to the MQgCXuKf2VpPvGmQ8d3NgW7gA9mSB2ejyd address.
See Litecoin P2SH Converter
So, yes, that is their address, but it requires quite some work from their side to access that address based on their BTC seed and the derivation paths they use for the addresses. It is a real pain in the butt to do it even for a single person. It is especially hard in an exchange, where the seed phrase should not be accessible to any single person…
So the big problem is that probably they have no protocol to do it.

I’ve got you. Thanks for making it a bit easier for me to understand. I will update if here here back anything.

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