Can LTC Profit from Bitcoin’s Civil War?

Confused like how, was just going through this article, if it does then great.

my strategy…ie I’ve mined LTC since Nov 2014…I currently have like 7500mh of scrypt pow miners on prohashing paying out in LTC.

Lifetime I made about 15,000 LTC.

Like 99.99999% of everyone back in the day of easy diff and LTC I xfered most of it to BTC and/or expences/elec/equip

thus LTC has not failed me…I failed LTC…

to be fair, it would have been quite the long shot bet on keeping all the LTC and having faith it would pump from 1.80 in 2015 and 4.15 this year to over $50…but there you have it

thus my strategy on BTC civil war/forsks is as follows…I assume (after expenses…knc titans going doorstop out of my hash, elec/rent/etc) that I may manage to get to 1,000 LTC again say by May 1st 2018 with current difficulty climbs. (this is pessmistic view…likely would get more)

IF BTC continues to be at say 6-7k or above…I find it hard to believe LTC will not be at least $100 to $150 (again pessimstic) and/or $300 or more…

IF BTC dumps with a so called NORMAL correction of 30% in price from say 6K .to 4K.than I also would see LTC acting in its historical manner and being $100 to $150 pessimistic…and/or $300 or so…

IF LTC does NOT pump above $100 bucks in the difficulty cycle above from now till say May 1st 2018.with either of the above…than that means a BTC fork like Bitcoin Cash/and or other BTC forks have basically killed off scrypt pow alt coins and mining and thus
LTC and other ALTS of any flavor are toast anyway…they have been replaced in adoption and use…and ALTS have faded…add pow scrypt difficulty to this and all mining of pow scrypt will die and we will go pow scrypt mining wise to the alt coin graveyard…the gap in value would be too much …alts would be dust coin in comparison to bitcoin forks in value and use…anyway all other alts would go tthe way of x11 mining…vs price and difficutly…exactly no where…

(anyone remember scrypt-N?)

So anyway, that is my bet…run my scrypt pow out and save as much LTC as possible…and I can save it ALL w/o tax up to $40k in a solo 401k as my crypto is a home biz…and or other stuff like elec/equip/rent also can be taken off of gross income mining…Ideally, I can come away next year with 1,000 clear LTC after expenses taxes etc…and see…

As I say "hopefully’?

I have BTC also …so if it pumps to $10k so at that price you’d surely think that LTC would be …what…$300 bucks or so?
Surely, $100 to $150 is not too far to hope? $300 even looks do’able…

Anyway, that is my bet to run my scrypt pow on a pessimistic frame of mind with difficulty…no matter the price that will not change and you will get diminishing returns of actual LTC…thus the bet…with coin per day/month made mining LTC
dimishing .this is my run to the goal line…

Again, if BTC pumps … a person should be OK…if BTC dumps…a person should be OK…holding LTC…(if the past
is any indication)

You all can come back and beat me up on this post around May 1st 2018…but that is my bet on this from again
a pessimistic view and expectations on price and return and of course Bitmain continuing to dominate 90% of all asic markets being scrypt-pow/sha-256/or x11 into 2018 as a monoply…and pumping crap out like toasters till my May 1st 2018 guess…destroying difficulty of any ASIC miner flavor above…

(who knows…I have a strategy…it is all about ‘ego protection’ …thus my plan)



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Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh!!!. Well, that was not just a reply I judge, thank you for sharing your entire experience with us and wish you luck for LTC but here I would like to ask you why you are not investing some of the remaining time till may 2018 for mining bitcoin rather than going for LTC? Don’t you think it may be more beneficial than mining LTC

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Ir has previous to this point since 2013 always been better to invest in scrypt pow equip then btc equip in that difficulty was less and rose less and thus just xfer scrypt pow (in my case LTC to BTC)…that was my angle since 2013 and it has worked well…

right now the equip by bitmain is dubious…in other words they slam them out like toasters driving up difficulty in what normally took more than a year in like 5-6 months…this is for all their flavors of asic equip sha-256/scrypt-pow and x11…thus as an example (imho) if say LTC hits 100 bucks …bitmain will still charge 40 LTC for a unit…ie 4k vs under 2k now…its a rigged game with them owning 90% of all asic manufacturing of all the above protocols…

w/o some competition (unlikely) mining will likely go to data halls at less than 5c a kwh overseas and my 12c kwh with data hall hosting prices…is gonna not be competitive

thus hoard coin into next year…and from now on IF I find equip to buy I will take out a modest loan…as an example I got 3 L3+'s bought with BTC arrived…and the real price for them was NOT 1600 with psu and shipping etc to the data hall, but at todays prices…about 4K…thus IF I think crypto is gonna rise (of any flavor) and BTC will hit 10k before May 1st 2018…well buying equip as a choice (with as I said dubious equip choices vs difficulty and price now) again with crypto or btc or ltc is just silly…

better off taking out a bank loan and paying it off the old fashioned way with higher coin prices…if I am wrong and get
jam’d up THEN I can dip into crypto to get me out of hock…

right now a 1700 L3+ if you could get one with psu and shipping and data hall rent/ elec etc is almost exactly 3k for 1 year…

again with bitmain tossing out equip like toasters…it may be time to hold my mining crypto till after May 1st 2018 and then MAYBE look around…but not too optimistic with the bitmain monopoly of asic equip of any flavor now

don’t sweat the length of my posts…I type as fast as I think…its a curse/gift or whatever and adds to my rambling replies


oops…forgot about the LTC reply also

I think if LTC was at $50 bucks when BTC was 4.5k and now is at $51 bucks or so at 7k …that IF say BTC price is stable eventually at 6K to 7K BTC …then I think LTC (pessimistic) would pump to $100 to $150 usd in comparison easy…likely $300 bucks

thus 1000 LTC at 300 bucks…well…that has a certain ‘gleam’ to it

thus my bet…

IF imho LTC as an alt, can’t get to $100 bucks at 6k to 7k BTC, then the BTC forks of many flavors coming down the
pike like BCH /segwit2x+2mb etc…well that would mean imho all ALTs would be slaughered …of any flavor…if that is the case…ie the forked bitcoin…replaces ICO’s and traditionally launched non forked off of the prevous methods of making ALT coins

don’t think it is gonna play out that way…thus my bet on ‘modest’ at least LTC rise and thus my holding …again making 4 LTC a day and that will drop by May 1st 2018 and I will have expenses for elec/hosting etc off of that…so getting another 500 LTC under that senario would be daunting…

and as said in previous post …BTC could hit 10K and bounce off of 10K down to 4-5k thus LTC might be more attractive as a result or at least …my holding of such long term after such a possible outcome…would also make sense

so it goes you place you bets and turn your back and walk away…it is all up to the asic gods at that point :slight_smile:

Most technical concept was difficult to grab but still wish you luck with your work. work hard and I hope even litecoin turns up with $300 soon and turn you rich ass. wish you luck and thank you for valueable time.

Only bet I can see is LTC going up as it has historically with BTC rise…if not I’m screwed…but trying to convert to BTC and chase the BTC price (if it has a 30% correction) is not all that great either

thus I’m betting on LTC going up…rather than BTC staying up

we will see

37gh of dubious x11 miners

and 7500mh of scrypt pow

all on prohashing…all pointing to getting as much LTC a day as possible…

my bet/my hedge/my hope (or hail mary pass)

IF REALLY LUCKY (even after electric/rent/expenses) I MIGHT get back to holding 1,000 LTC again by say May 2018.

$300 buck LTC, sure would be nice…but at current over 5K BTC ; prices I will be shocked if we don’t get to $100 LTC

then again…at one time I drank the butterfly labs ASIC miner kool-aid…so what do I know :slight_smile:

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hahaha relax 37gh of dubious x11 miners and 7500mh of scrypt pow this is what you using then better your plan be result oriented or you are …!

True…the bet on the scrypt-pow (remaining time left assuming bitmain puts out units as toasters and they
are all space heaters by may 1st 2018) …again should be better than that …but my pessimistic premise

anyway the x11 mess up aside

1,000 LTC at that point…the hope is $100 or $150 or more for LTC

Again, if I just mine say at Nicehash and BTC does its usual 30% correction after the wave…fine it will come
back price wise etc

but likely after my self imposed may 1st 2018 timeline…doing me little good

thus I still think this all or nothing bet of using remaining hash power vs time to do so…to get 1,000 LTC is the bet

for me to take

again, I have a decent btc hoard and other crypto…if this just goes no more than sideways and LTC stays flat in price
worst happens is I miss the boat on going the BTC route on profits

if LTC dumps then imho, btc must have dumped too…so also a wash

but historically, LTC has always rallied to BTC price rise…so if it does as it has in the past…imho…the likely

price is $150 usd per LTC

if not as stated,scrypt pow and all hardware mining will fade because with ICO’s being regulated that would mean
to me that the money is going into BTC forks of many flavors…many, many in the future…and this will be the new way
to make an alt coin

thus hardware mining woud be eventually kaput in such a world

but above is long shot

still think the most likley result of BTC price sticking between 6k and 7k is an EASY $150 for LTC eventually

if BTC dumps and stable at 5K then I see the $100 amount for LTC

anyway, my bet with my remaining crypto miners before bitmain puts out enough toasters to make them moot

Well got a news for you.