Can LTC catch up to the BTC surge in time?

Hi all. Newbie and first post here. Had a few LTC from years back, got distracted with work and other stuff, and only recently got back into the cryptocurrency world.

Just want to hear any thoughts you may have on how healthy the LTC community is today. From a bystander standpoint (which I was for the past year – meaning, I’m aware of the crypto world, but not necessarily intently involved in it), I can gather BTC and ETH made most of the headlines in the past year. I’m pleasantly glad LTC has also moved up, though it has understandably lagged from the BTC surge (i.e. 0.02 LTCBTC in July and now down to 0.008 currently). So any thoughts also on whether LTC can catch up and perhaps also move up the way BTC has? I guess for that to happen, there has to be more demand with more people seeing the benefits, adoption from merchants, etc.

Perhaps I’m not aware, so apologize if there is a separate section already on this discussion. Am still trying to backread a lot of stuff.

Cheers and wishing everyone all the best on your LTC investment.

I’ve been watching the LTC-BTC exchange rate on GDAX for a long time now and I worry it won’t catch up. There’s also a lot of pressure from other cryptos like Dash and IOTA.

Personally, I worry enough that I’m moving some of my LTC into BTC, I also moved some into VTC which has played well.

To do my part to make the network stronger, I recently started solo mining and maintaining my own node. Thinking about Metcalf’s Law a lot lately.

I like to dream about what it’d be like if LTC-BTC was back at 0.02 :money_with_wings:

Thanks for your input. I guess you echoed lots of similar sentiments.

I’m holding on to my LTC…I don’t have a lot to begin with, but I’d like to think LTC can still live up to the promise of being the “silver” equivalent to bitcoin.

By the way, how are u solo mining? I read that unless you have dedicated miners, mining with CPU/GPU won’t be profitable nowadays.

I have powerful enough ASICs (a few Innoslicon machines) that the probability for me looked attractive. Plus, I was mining in a pool and found some blocks but didn’t get the full reward becuase of the pool.

I detailed my setup in this post: Solo Mining vs Pool Mining. TL;DR: I run my own Litecoin node on Google Cloud Platform and use a Node.js based Stratum server to connect my machines for mining.

It is not profitable to CPU or GPU mine LTC and its just profitable enough to attract me to do it with ASICs but like I say in other posts, I’m getting more out of the fun of it than I do the revenue from the monetary reward.

Just this morning, I converted 1/2 my LTC holdings to BTC. Also picked up some IOTA.

One thing Litecoin’s got going for it is fast transaction times. Waiting for BTC transactions to go through BLOWS hard.

Good to hear you’re doing well. I like your mindset going into this.

For what it’s worth, I have this strange feeling that LTC is a bit undervalued now, but this is a guess at best and there’s no solid fundamental basis on my thoughts. Maybe like you, it’s just a dream. :slight_smile:

Just thought of giving an update with the weekend increase in LTC.

LTC/BTC is now at 0.00977 at the time of writing, LTC is at $127 and BTC at around $13k.

Just to put things in perspective, in July 2017 LTC/BTC was at 0.021. This means at the current BTC price, LTC would have been at $273 if it had kept pace.

Of course, some may say this is all moot since lots of other market forces dictate LTC (as well as BTC) price. But it doesn’t hurt to dream…

Any thoughts on what the BTC futures starting Sunday will do to the price of LTC?

Currently, I’m my portfolios is like a 60/40 BTC/LTC, considering flipping that to 40/60 BTC/LTC.

I don’t think anybody knows for sure. We’ll know in less than 24 hours…?

My personal experience is that I’ve never been good at timing the market (any market). Flipping can always go both ways, so lately I’ve not really done that especially for trading purposes. Only if I get a long-term fundamental idea, that’s when I’d probably consider rebalancing my assets.

Having said that, I also have a mix of BTC and LTC, and I would probably not do any rebalancing at this time. I still am optimistic that LTC can still cover substantial ground even with the marked increase these past 2 days.

Thanks for joining in the discussion. Sure appreciate getting someone else’s perspective.

BTC is currently trading between 7500$- 8000$ in August 2018, whereas all other Altcoins are down including LiteCoin.

Bitcoin price is going to rise in the near future since a lot of institutional investors have stepped into the market, you should convert your ltc to btc and earn good profits.