Can litecoin overtake Ethereum?

I just wanted to ask that do you think Litecoin can overtake Ethereum. If yes, then how, and if no then why?

Litecoin can’t even overtake Bitcoin SV (BSV) the ‘scam coin’ of all scam coins, IMHO. Litecoin ‘did beat’ the BSV price by about 20 bucks the other day.

Then, BSV pumped 70% or some such on an ‘influx’ of $$$…now of course it has dumped…I ‘assume’ a classic pump and dump to get profits out of the usual BSV scam.

Thus, as long as big money games can be played like this tossing around BTC to BSV whenever LTC goes past BSV price (I’ve seen this at least twice over the last couple of years) and/or people continue

to believe that Craig Wright is Satoshi and BSV will overtake BTC…well, not deep enough pockets to ever catch up to BSV prices it seems…not to mention…the stupidity of those holding BSV on top of this.


So same game with deeper pockets with ETH…so not betting on Litecoin ever taking over ETH



Yeah, you do have a point. I wish it was possible given the amazing benefits LTC offers but it’s a shame nobody is realizing its true potential.

I can’t really see it overtaking Ethereum as the second largest crypto out there. i think that the top spots are locked down between Bitcoin and ETH but you can expect Litecoin to at least reach the third spot in the rankings. However, that may be wishful thinking because this has a lot of potential to grow even more. But it will not reach the same popularity and power that BTC and ETH has accumulated over the years. it is a hill that will be tough to climb because of the quality of the given cryptos.

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To be a contrarian, with respect, in this thread: Defi and Litecoin I say yes with FLR and also the URL link above.