Can i transfer Bitcoin and Litecoins from Old Wallets PC 2013 to new one on MAC

Dear All

Hopefully someone here will be able to help me.
I have purchased some Bitcoins (2.25)and Litecoins (87) in 2013.

I kind of forgot about them and only recently i have synchronized both wallets with network.
It was like 87 weeks behind to be precise.

In any case recently i have opened account with Coinbase.
Also i have installed Litecoin wallet on MAC

Yesterday i have send 0.50 litecoin to address to my Mac Litecoin address but nothing arrived
Also i have send 0.10 to Coinbase …northing arrived as well

Now i am bit worried and wonder if someone can help me here.

I would like to move,if possible my BTC and LTC from PC to Mac (wallets)
Is there a way to do that…and what happened to those 2 transactions…

Is there something i am missing here…like those 2 wallets might be old…i am kind of scared that this is kind of stacked on my old PC and cant move them…is there a way around??

Would appreciate any help and advice


Do your wallets on your PC show the right balance? You can also check the balance by entering your wallet address on any of the blockchain explorers available in the Internet. For instance, you can use and for BTC and LTC, respectively.

You can also use the blockchain explorers to check what happened to your recent transactions by entering either the destination wallet address or the transaction ID.