Can i restore my litecoin wallet?

I created a litecoin core wallet, reinstalled the program and the litecoin account changed, can you restore it if I know its password? (i dont have .dat file)

If you have your private key or seed phrase you should be able to restore your wallet

what exactly do i need to do?

You should be able to follow these instruction, I believe it is the same process for BTC core as LTC core for importing private keys through the Litecoin Core QT Console

Please excuse me for joining your conversation as I have similar problem & you are the experts…
My Litecoin Core wallet decided to give up the ghost. Have a file with dozen words that hopefully will allow the wallet to be recovered. Are twelve words the key? Look forward to your advice.
Cheers whitecrow9

Yes, it will work. You want to restore old wallet instead of make new one.

Hi MICHAEL_LTC_MINER, thank you for your contact, Really appreciated.
Yes I wish to restore lost wallet using the 12 seed words.
Can you guide me to recover old wallet in new laptop?
Cheers whitecrow9

Thank you Jordan_Moye for drawing my attention to the post. Your interest is most appreciated.

The wallet will have an option to create a new wallet or restore an old one. I don’t use that particular wallet but explore all your menu options you will find it. You might want to watch a YouTube video for that particular software if you are having trouble.

Recently downloaded a LTC Core wallet in the hope of restoring my lost wallet. Can not find option to create new or restore wallet. MLM mate can you be more specific please.
I also searched YouTube for LTC recovery tutorials, anything without success. A link to anything you consider useful would be fabulous. regards whitecrow9.

I never used Litecoin core wallet. I have used many type of wallets, all the ones I have used use seed words which can be used to restore a wallet even if you lost the password. I just downloaded litecoin core to look it over.It does not have the option of using seed words. I would try coinomi wallet and use your 12 seed words, that should work. In your earlier post I thought you had used those 12 seed words with litecoin core. Your seed words should work with any wallet that uses them. The litecoin core wallet allows you to type several words to be used as the password, but those are not seed words. If you are trying to restore litecoin core you need to have the backed up .dat file, the password won’t work without that.

OK mate, thankyou for your help to this point. My IT guy says he ‘thinks he has’ restored enough to see the coins after he loaded the wallet.dat backup file. I’m yet to see what he has but maybe. MLM if you don’t hear from me in the near future, mate thank you, looks like we cracked it. Fingers crossed Whitecrow9

how did you do it?