Can i do minning on any machine? Even if know its not worth to do it? I want mine from my laptop since he is online 24/7

Newbie, so send me scripts and i will start mine from oldest dell 1545 inspiron.
I want mine from my laptop since he is online 24/7

Yes you can mine from any computer.

Google windows litecoin miners.

Can u help me?
For example i am full newbie, can u give me the link of the cpu-mining scrypt and explanations (how to write scrypt for cpu-mining, where to register account, how to use digital wallet on my laptop securely). I really want to learn on this laptop what to do how to mine then i will invest in litecoin community buying terminals for mining.
Thank you very much.

You can mine cryptocurrency from any computer you want. This process can be accelerated if you keep your drivers always updated. In the modern Internet, you can find a free driver update that will allow you to earn more. You’ll also be able to improve the performance of your computer and it’ll work faster. I update my drivers once a month and my computer allows me to mine and work at the same time. This program will also notify you if there’re updates for the driver so you can update it at time.

Chances are you’ll brick your laptop in the long run, because of overheating.
When the temperature is too high, the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface of your laptop makes your machine shut down automatically, for protection.

I correctly understood that the processor temperature directly affects the protection parameters?