Can anything be done to ban Gun Bot?

Would it be possible to filter posts and messages to see if it contains the gun bot domain and then ban/delete the accounts automatically along with any posts they create or private/group messages they send? Their spamming is really annoying.


I second this.

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I report them to google spam, the more people do that the better the algorithm get. But sure if there are other ways i’m for it. Hate spam.

what is a “gunbot”?
can always flag the post and the post will be deleted by a moderator if it is indeed spam

It’s a site that I’m guessing is giving out referral codes to users. They’re then coming on here spamming posts with them and private group messaging members with the codes.

I’ve been flagging as spam for weeks but moderation is a little slow on here. Hence if the domain could be added into a spam filter that will then automatically delete the posts/message and ban the member that would cut down on moderation.

Google spam? Do you mean in gmail? If you’re doing that then it has even worse implications for this site, it flags this site email as a spam sender (message/post notifications are sent from this site are sent from the site’s email address/server and not the person messaging you).

I will look into this and do what I can…thanks for making it known…

next time you see one…copy and paste the link on this post as it will help narrow down to specifics

No problem, I didn’t add it in my post as I didn’t want to give them any further free advertising. I’ll send it in a PM, hope that’s ok.

oh damn, it looked like it was directly from them but i was just mad and in a hurry. Sorry :confused:

that will work