Call to all F2Pool miners, please switch


I do not understand why F2Pool takes so long to support segwit. For LTC to survive segwit is MANDATORY!
Am I the only one knowing that? (Don’t think so)
So to all F2Pool miners, get moving before it is to late, switch to a pool that support segwit eg. Coinotron, Litecoinpool or any pool that supports it.


我是唯一知道的人吗? (不要这样认为)
所以对所有F2Pool矿工,得到移动之前,晚,切换到支持segwit的池。 Coinotron,Litecoinpool或任何支持它的池。

LOL. Do you really think, that there are simply home miners on F2Pool, who sitting here? :joy:
Man, LTC mining is highly centralized.
Few big chinaes miners work on F2Pool. And nobody else, 3-6 big miners, not more. And F2Pool belongs to them. :wink:
This is true and for other major Chinese pools.
10 people from China - control more than 80% of the network hashrate.
Also. Segwit means nothing for LTC. And it cant to revive LTC. :expressionless:
Segwits advantages offset of its shortcomings. Major miners will never risk their investments for this adventure.
You can consider this information as inside information.

And your information is based on…, ah nothing, so it’s the usual crap coming from you.
Maybe you should leave LTC asap, join the highly decentralized bitcoin, way better than this LTC stuff.

Maybe you shut up and not indicate to others what they need to do? Or do you think that you are smarter than the many others people-miners who does not support the Segwit?

Smart people sometimes use google. Here is a link showing blocks found at f2pool and definitely shows a large number of individual miners finding blocks.

Don’t let facts dissuade you from pulling your opinions out of your ass though. I enjoy the comic relief.

To the OP I agree completely. Time for individual miners to move on.

Haha, lol. It is not hard to set many accaunts for one big miners.
Also, if I am wrong, and there ara many small miners on F2Pool, then it’s even worse for LTC. Since this would mean that none of the miners is not worried about the Segwit. Otherwise, they would have long gone to other pools.

Or they are patiently waiting for f2pool to activate segwit as they’ve publicly stated they will. I don’t personally know any miners on f2pool so I don’t know what they are thinking. Since you state what these miners think you must know a few (otherwise you’re continuing to just make stuff up). Please invite a few to drop by. The OP directed this thread at them.