Buying Litecoin Australia

Hello crypto world

I’m interested in Buying litecoin from Australia but I’m current limited to a $450 purchase amount per transaction as there is no way to link an Australian bank account to my coin base account, and visa and MasterCard transactions are limited to $450 per purchase. Even for this small amount, I was charged about $17 in fees to make this purchase, so I only ended up with $430 or so.

There must be a better way to buy litecoin from Australia than this. I also see a notification that there is no way to covert litecoins back into AUD.

Hoping for some guidance around the ability to buy larger amounts of litecoin with lower fees and hopefully bank account transactions that allow for purchasing and selling of litecoins.

Thanks for your help!

Hey Matt… Try Swyftx. I’ve been buying Litecoin from Australia with no issues and no cap.

Also can try CoinSpot.

Try LocalCoinSwap as it’s peer to peer. That’s what I use normally. I don’t use the usual centralized exchanges.

Binance + PayID - easy easy easy and cheaper than using the overpriced Aussie exchanges

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