Buy LTC with credit card!

Examine our company’s founding document

You can contact me to buy, sell or exchange your cryptocurrencies.

You can contact me to receive btc and altcoin payments by credit card or SEPA.

Commissions vary depending on amounts.

CONTACT: [redacted]

Hi. Welcome to the Litecoin community. Your business model looks suspicious, so I’ve redacted the contact information, preventing you from finding potential victims customers right away, but giving you the benefit of the doubt by allowing you to reply to questions here.

Isn’t it a bit dangerous to sell cryptocurrency using a credit card? Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, while credit card has chargeback. Aren’t you afraid of being scammed by people visiting your platform? How do you handle this risk?

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Always nice to see a minmal fee just how much is minimal for you?
1% or up to 5??