Buy Litecoin with Bitcoin

Hello Litecoin community. I am a Bitcoin user and now adding Litecoin to the mix. I hear you are able to buy Litecoin with your existing Bitcoins. I have an account with Coinbase. How do I go about doing this and who, if need be, are reputable sellers that I can buy from.

Thx.…u can link your coinbase wallet with it if you want…or just click trade litecoin for bitcoin under your dashboard options on coinbase…
also any and every other exchange has a LTC/BTC pair…figured most all bitcoin users knew this though

Great. Thank you for info gdax info and the Bitcoin option. The Bitcoin option looks like the best way to go.

If you don’t want to do KYC, you can use to do the conversion. We also donate 50% of our commissions to Litecoin Foundation to support its development.