Buy 2 litecoin on 12/2013 but i can t used it, and lost when i install litecoin core now 0 ltc help me please

hello, it is incredible I have 2 litecoin that I had bought late 2013.
i was yersterday on version litecoin-Qt beta (2013)
I sent (0.1 + 0.2) = 0.3 ltc my account went to 1.7 but the person receveid 0.1 ltc not counted and the software litecoin-Qt asked me for an update that I launched last night, and it just ended, I’m on Litecoin core but he lost all my litecoin my balance is 0.
result, because of a necessary update, I lost my 2litecoins this weekend is a disaster but I have no solution to recover, on the old version it displays a balance of 1.7 and on the new version it announce balance 0, result my 2 litecoin that I have since 2013 are lost, .
I have no idea how to get back my litecoin balance, more back to the old version takes about 2 weeks and the version is exceeded, total I got scammed with this crypto currency.
Somebody can help me, sorry for my english i m french.
i thought i lose the 0.3 litecoin sent yersterday but is it possible to find the 1.7 ??
please help me.

do you backup your wallet ?

on 23/12 i had 2 ltc.
i sent yersterday 0.3 to a personne, she received only 0.1 not comptabilized.
on my old version litecoin Qt i had now 1,7 ltc and he say alert key compromised, upgrade required,
so last night i made upgrade on version litecoin core , he finished this morning , i can see all passed transactions but i lose all my ltc.

So the question is.

how can i do to find the 1.7 ltc ?
and what appen regarding the 0.3 is it also possible for the person to recover them?
i m completely lost and also my english is not fluent not current.

print screen ur wallet to there .

yersterday i used litecoin QT, i had 2 ltc i was synchro so i sent 0.1 +0.2 to the same person, he receive 0.1 not synchro and don t receive 0.2 yet.
So after that i upgrate on litecoin core and i see all the transaction but my wallet was at 0 LTC.
please i m a old french dont speak well englis and data processing i m not good.

help me to find the last 1,7 ltc and how the personne can synchro the 0.3 i sent.

thanks to help me

both wallets are in the same pc?

yes but nobody help me

I find wallet.dat bit nothing appen
Did i lose my litecoin when i upgrade??
It s amazing and nobody help me…

you know this is a forums not a customer service page.

Be calm and wait until somebody help you.

sure, but you are the first to write me it is easy to fix yersterday morning.
i understand you want money so i propose you or an another 10$ to fix me and refound all my ltc.
i m calm but i sell 0.6 ltc to somebody and he is no calm

I dont really care about the 10 usd… I can help either way.
I told you what you need to do already, so I can help you.


thanks pguerrerox,
youre are the best