Business opportunities

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First post but VERY long term litcoin holder

What business opportunities do people think are still to be had with litecoin. What does the community need?

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We need more businesses to accept Litecoin, and users to pay with Litecoin.
For bridging, we might need an App, an ecommerce platform, payment channels, etc.

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Thanks for your reply

I understand your first sentence but the specifics of the second allude me. What sort of App, eCommerce platform ect?

Saw this thread and got interested. I want to open my own business. I think it will be something like a barber shop in Denver. The idea of using crypto within my business looks interesting, but how many clients paying with Litecoin will I have? I already have a plan, which includes monthly work schedule template I’ve found on the internet, also I know where to find money for my project and where to buy cheap equipment. And what about Litecoin? How many people use it right now?

Go straight into the bitcoin business, trading or something similar

Business opportunities using Lite coin.

Since you are already familiar with bitcoins and the scope of their application, it is easier to start a business in the digital sphere using all the advantages of cryptocurrincies.


Litecoin mining is the best business opportunity. You can earn regular profit from mining litecoin.

Find a mate who owns a restaurant and convince him to accept LTC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree I would go pay with LTC anyday as it starts over fiat.

You better try your hands at trading or investing. It’s an alone business and you won’t have to convince everyone else to believe in what you are doing.