Bull Run on the market

What’s your the main exchange out there? There is a good market situation and what do think about that list https://cryptogeek.info/en/blog/the-must-have-exchange-apps? Hitbtc or changelly pro are truly reliable to exchange?

I don’t buy LTC, I mine it or trade for it P2P not via any exchange.

I’m just HODL’ing BTC/LTC or whatever I have left from mining for the last couple of years. Thus I

simply use www.coinbase.com mainly because it is legit, and if the USA wants to get iffy on my check

box on the new 2020 IRS forms of owning Bitcoin…all my dubious dealings they may think I’m up to I

can simply point to www.coinbase.com for my various purchases of BTC/LTC dust. So I pay a bit more

in fees on my BTC/LTC dust but what the heck. This will change and I will do KYC if the rumored

regulations ask for additonal info like my hosted wallets (paper wallets) or some other ‘undo’able’

fantasy KYC at both ends. In that case, I will simple go to another country and do the regular KYC and

ignore USA exchanges, which I assume, the uproar of such regulations would overturn anyway.

The circle of BTC/LTC/Crypto

ATH catches the powers that be by surprise, then FOMO really freaks out centralized money and

power and gov’ts and then FUD…pushback with dubious regulations that eventually can’t get done and


I’ve been in BTC/LTC/Crypto since 2013… how this always works out…

Rinse/Wash/Repeat on ATH/FOMO/FUD. Change is hard for those with centralized power/wealth. :slight_smile:


My justification why LTC bullish 2021

  1. 2019 is ltc halving and untill now ltc is still undervalued.
  2. Ethereum going to POS
  3. Mimblewimble ? I hope we can implemented this feature ASAP