BTC price predictions

Is there any predictions on BTC? I know, that’s a cliche to talk about it, but I found a thing, the article, It says that we’ll see the BTC achive 1 mln$ dollar price soon, in three years. That’s a lot to think and imagine about. What’s your prediction? Is there any other chances to wait the other thing?

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I heard that 3 years ago , anything is possible .

1m$? That is too high.

Almost all users who store cryptocurrency on OTC wallets have purchased it cheaper than the current price and can fix profits. The position of Ethereum investors is worse, holders of two popular coins probably regretted their choice.

What do you think about BTC and altcoins’ prospects?

Indeed according to today’s article 8/19/2020 is that 98% of all Bitcoin was purchased cheaper than the current price. Which is currently $11,735.00 USD for BTC and $60.68 for Litecoin.

Here is the link to today’s article, that puts the 98% of all BTC is worth more than folks paid for.

I can ‘live’ with that, in that I got into BTC in 2013. :slight_smile:


After halving, BTC achieve at least 100 thousands dollars at the end of next year.

Nothing is similar to reality. Just keep in mind how much money should be transferred into the liquidity of BTC

After the approval of ETF of Bitcoin there is a prediction that is would as high as 100k dollars

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Well the halving event is scheduled on April 2024, let’s see how market will react now!

1 mln$ sounds good