Btc/Ltc ATM Machines

I was curious if anyone has any information on buying atm machines for cryptocurrency and how you might go about doing so? Also what would be the operating costs, initial investment required and what kind of fees they charge?

What country?

BTMs have to operate with local jurisdiction and banks, so this makes a real difference.

I have always been curious why Mr. Bobby Lee has not invested time and capital along with his brother in this area. I know both are very busy; however, it would seem this would be a great way of advancing both brothers projects. Bobby makes the cards using the foundational Ballet Card business he has started and Charlie, well Mr. Charlie Lee, uses his FUNGIBLE tokens and knowledge of the lightning network to establish the network for the machines. Indeed, it would be interesting if they could manage to work together and partner with an already existing bank to simply add on the software into existing ATMs.
NO COINERs would simply keep getting cash and paying the exorbitant fees of $3.00> while others simply slide out the Ballet debit and use BTC/LTC option and pay the whopping .03< fee. Perhaps this is already happening. Oh wait… Don’t you need ATMs to get cash? Didn’t Mr. Lee invest in a bank a while ago? Oh, and wasn’t he working on a blockchain cell phone? Who knows what to believe these days.
And what about Coinbase? Do you think they are investing in ATM’s and researching fees? Hmmm… They went public on the market, seem fully licensed, and can operate in national and some international areas. And what is this I hear about investibles and what of the recent G7 meeting? Interestingly, the price started to rise again. And what of this whole El Salvador making BTC a national currency? And what of the name? Doesn’t it mean “The Savior?” And one time in band camp I heard about the fears of rising inflation…
Yeah, ATMs… I think people will leap frog that soon… Investing in ATMs is like investing in the ATARI 2400 and trying to put one back in everyone’s house. Already done that, already been there. No one wants an ATARI 2400 gaming console— Pong!
Be your own bank. Your computer, tablet, cell phone, and watch can be an ATM-- you don’t need cash for where we are going (Emoji rocket, moon, coin).
BTW, do you honestly think buying an ATM is going to provide the returns on investment that say, IDK, spending the same amount on BTC/LTC might return? Who knows? I certainly don’t. Not financial advice. Seek a professional advisor on all things financial cuz they really aren’t creative and need your money cuz they are generally lazy.
I think if it was a brilliant investment then it has already been tried. I think you are thinking and you are learning about the future ecosystem of cryptocurrency. I think an economic road map has already been charted-- MCCI, DARPA, CIA, NSA, DIA, DOD, NATIONS, UN, NASA, World Economic Forum, (Area 51/ Who knows?) blah, blah, blah…
There is a lot that people won’t discuss. Money to be made and all that… There is a lot of narcissism out there… Can’t share information 'cause I am scared of losing resources while everyone else gets them. Gotta keep it a secret–shhhhhh…
I think if you want to invest in ATMs, then very cool for you. Much success, seriously. I hate the ATM fees. It would be a blessing. Oh, isn’t there a 20% capital gains tax issue on this as well? Who knows?
You know, MIT Sloan School of Management offers online courses for people who have blockchain ideas… Maybe that would be a better investment. IDK. Come up with your own idea, take the course, and see if it holds up. Maybe ATMs are the way to go. Who knows? Regardless, your will get honest feedback on your idea. Then if it holds up, try and find a VC who will back you.
BTW. I am talking out my butt and I have no idea what any of this means.
Blockstream blockchain satellite in space. BTC/LTC going to the moon. Space X, Blue Origin, rockets from various countries launching to moon and mars even during pandemic. BORING company. Mining on the moon, mars, asteroids for physical resources. Mining electronic blockchain money. Lightning network. Space the final frontier. Who wants to be a trillionaire? Blah, blah, blah. I think investing in space mining, colonization, AI, IOT, and robotics (Boston Dynamics) may be a better long term hold. Who knows? Aren’t there rovers on Mars and the moon from various countries right now? Hmmm… I guess people really like science more than money. I never would have thought…
Do I seem like a node? Momma always said “Son, don’t grow up to be a node.”
Secretly, I hope no one reads this and it gets buried under a bunch of fluff emails… Bomb. Stupid jerks not letting me have my privacy, Bomb, gun, Nuke, Bomb. Jerks.
But, I doubt that very much. Gosh, we really need a secure internet. Remember when mail was mail? Then people started opening it. Why? Now we have this ugly thing called the internet. What a hot mess! Anyway, I hope this was funny, thought provoking, and in some way informative. Oh, and if you suffer from narcissism, then you have my complete empathy and you don’t need to respond to this email. Thanks again. Bombs everywhere, Bomb, knife, cucumber, bomb, carrot, bomb, cryptocurrency… jerks reading other peoples mail. Why? Thanks AI…
Emojis are dum… Hah!


Appreciate the detailed response @John_Reid

Get back to work….

A Poem for the Working Man

Get back to work.
4 words.
13 letters.
Surveillance capitalism
Criteria of mental patterns resulting in behavioral patterns
Get back to work
Get back to work
Get back to work
Shallow, control, authoritarian, lacking any empathy, devoid of creativity, resulting in outward aggression, deflecting, possibly projection, and kind of lazy.
Get back to work.
Four words.
Thirteen letters.
Why read someone’s mail?
To see the patterns…
What does it mean?
Are patterns valuable?
Are the eyes the window to the soul?
Are words and choices more revealing in tech?
Surveillance capitalism

Yay! All done. Gonna be a blue collar man :grinning:

Anyway, I hope this was funny, thought provoking, and in some way informative. Oh, and if you suffer from narcissism, then you have my complete empathy and you don’t need to respond to this email.