Bristle worms is incredible worm

Have you seen these beings??? OMG I want him!!!

So we have digressed in off-topic to ‘bristle-worms’, which upon looking up on Google,are used to keep your

saltwater aquarium clean.

Sigh. It is off-topic so I will allow the thread, but I mean really guys/gals?


Don’t get confused by these worms, they are not all beneficial. As I was reading, the Bristle worms are beneficial, but the Fireworms, which are a particular type of Bristle worms, are pests. They are poisonous and can hurt even a human. So be careful what you wish for. If you’re still interested, read about them on Bristle Worms vs Fireworms - Polychaete Worms in Aquariums | ARC Reef