Bounty for wallet recovery

Well, I have somehow managed to lose my password to my Litecoin core wallet which has almost 700 Ltc in it.
I know most of the password but think I’m mixing up a couple characters. I know I’ve probably lost them but wanted to reach out to see if anyone can help. I will be more than happy to pay for successful recovery if at all possible.
Thank you.


you didnt get a seed?

I don’t recall getting a seed. Downloaded the wallet from Litecoin website and encrypted it with a password that has been lost. I’m pretty sure I’ve got 90% or more of it correct. Just wondering if the last few characters that I must have mixed up can be brute forced?

Forget about the seed - that is an Electrum thing. If you created your wallet a few years ago - it is most likely with Litecoin-qt - known as Litecoin Core nowadays…

Brute forcing is possible if you think that you know most of the password.

Its the Litecoin core wallet which was downloaded about 1 week ago. Anyone trustworthy out there able/willing to give it a go? More than happy to compensate for time and effort.

Check with cxop - he his a trusted moderator here on the forum and could help you - just send him a personal message.

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Thank you