Bitstape - About Exchange

Bitstape — Centralized Exchange was established in November 2022, Bitstape has transformed itself from a mid-range Exchange to become one of the top Exchanges in the world. Bitstape has been rated by The Ascent as the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange and Application of 2023.

Bitstape has more than 500 assets and more than 1,100 trading pairs, serving more than 5 million users worldwide. Bitstape has been building and consolidating a friendly, close-knit system to reach many users from all walks of life so that anyone can use Bitstape without any hesitation.

In order to reach millions of users, security, KYC are extremely important, and Bitstape has also built a 24/7 user support system. Not only that, Bitstape’s interface is extremely easy to use so that anyone, even a beginner in Crypto trading, can use it most easily.

Trading Bot: Trading Bot has been bringing positive factors to users, not only helping users to seize opportunities quickly when the price of any token is favorable for trading, but also reducing transaction risks and reducing work. repeatability, as well as more peace of mind about their transactions.

Margin, Futures Trading and Lending: For ordinary users, Margin and Futures have become so familiar because of its popularity. But not to mention Lending — Is the most optimal way to earn passive income. Note that this is not an unsecured loan. Lenders receive interest from borrowers in exchange for loans, while borrowers deposit crypto assets as collateral to secure an investor’s investment. This acts as a guarantee to the lender; If something goes wrong, they can use this collateral as a form of compensation. Compared with other features like Margin, Futures, Bitstape Lending is more suitable for users who prefer low-risk investments and pursue stable profits. Therefore, Lending is a perfect match for holders who can keep the coins and earn more profit. Moreover, it is friendly to new users who can lend crypto assets to earn passive income with a few simple clicks. Not to mention the conveniences such as low risk, high income and support for many types of assets, Bitstape Lending is suitable for all users in general, and new users in particular.

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