Bitmain L4 miner

Looks like there may be a new scrypt miner soon.

Look at this on eBay Bitmain Antminer L3 250mh/s 400w Litecoin Miner for sale online | eBay

Not L4, but L3.

Who calculated the ROI for it?
I have 0,05$ kwh electricity cost. Which ROI I could have?

I did a comparison thread on

I’ll re-post the main points here

I compared it to a KNC Titan 300mh/Innsilicon A4/ and the L3 BItmain Scrypt miners

Anyway below is a recap from the above bitcointalk thread

(hmmmm I guess I should have posted on here first) Anyway for those into this comparison chime in

I’m using calculator from a free NO FEE LTC pool that pays at 103% fyi

ok cutting it down further

KNC Titan 300mh at 1200w (using latest mods and gen tarkin software and improved noctura 3000 rpm fan etc) at 10c kwh at 4.17 LTC getting 103% on litecoinpool
(again see above calc link).

KNC Titan 300mh

24 hours 2.01788086 LTC 8.41 USD 2.88 USD 5.53 USD
7 days 14.12516602 LTC 58.90 USD 20.16 USD 38.74 USD
30 days 60.53642578 LTC 252.44 USD 86.40 USD 166.04 USD

L3 Bitmain 250mh

What this L3 Bitmain Scrypt miner at 250mh and 400w making at 400 watts bet its really 500 watts but anyway at 10c kwh at 4.17 getting 103% on litecoinpool

24 hours 1.68156738 LTC 7.01 USD 0.96 USD 6.05 USD
7 days 11.77097168 LTC 49.08 USD 6.72 USD 42.36 USD
30 days 50.44702148 LTC 210.36 USD 28.80 USD 181.56 USD

hmm…diff is $15.52 a month difference in profit. LOL! (Not as bad as I thought)

I also think that IF they are off on the watts and it is really 500 watts they’d be more or less equivalent.

Also IF the L3 Bitmain 250mh a month unit is sold at $2000 lets say (could be as high as $2300 but lets be optimistic) and compare it to an A4 getting 260mh to say 170mh
(they say 280mh but they also say each cube on the 2 cube A4 is 135mh lol) So we will use 270mh a kick ass fixed A4 batch 3 with firmware fixes…

A4 Innsilicon 270mh at 1100 watts (so I’ve been told by folk running them…Innsilicon says 1000 watts …lets use 1000 watts) (again using litecoinpool calculator for LTC at 103%)

24 hours 1.81609277 LTC 7.57 USD 2.40 USD 5.17 USD
7 days 12.71264941 LTC 53.01 USD 16.80 USD 36.21 USD
30 days 54.48278320 LTC 227.19 USD 72.00 USD 155.19 USD

So to sum up

KNC Titan 300mh at 1200watts using gen tarkin 3rd ware software with eff tweaks to get such, just to note at 10c kwh and $4.17 LTC you get MONTHLY $166.04 PROFIT

L3 Bitmain 250mh (say Jan 15th 2017) at 400 watts (they say likely to be 500 watts imho but lets use 400 watts) at 10c kwh and $4.17 LTC you get MONTHLY $181.56 PROFIT

A4 Innsilicoin 270mh (they say 280mh but know of none such) at 1000 watts (most say 1100 watts but using 1000 watts) at 10c kwh and $4.17 you get MONTHLY $155.19 PROFIT

hmm…not to impressed…this only works also IF you got a unit Jan 15th 2017…I doubt they will get it to us in the USA at that time frame. Likely 1 month later.

So unless LTC and scrypt coins really, really pump here…this looks to me like oranges/oranges/oranges…on a side note…I see Titans sell for 2k/A4’s are 2k with shipping and
L3’s let say are 2k when they come out…admittedly the L3 will MAYBE last longer then the others with the electric use…but with the Titan getting 300mh the A4 getting 270mh
and the L3 getting 250mh as they all state standard…the L3 loses some in ‘slippage’ with the bit extra hash of the others.

So as the title says…Meh!

Thought this would be a LOT rougher then this.

ANY scrypt POW miner today is IFFY…to say the least. The LTC to BTC ratio is 0.00457 ltc to btc as we speak. The price used above is $4.17c per LTC.

So we need (any scrypt unit running yet) at least imho 0.008 to 0.010 ltc to btc to make ANY of the units above…worth the estimated 2K I use above with shipping.

Also difficulty for LTC has gone up 20% in last 7 days or so. (ouch) the combo of price and ltc to btc ratio above has to change or it will be doorstop city imho.

The KNC Titans tend to be MORE for he reason…imho of their MODULAR nature…ie something breaks LIGHTFOOT on here can fix it …and/or you just lose 1/4
hashing (1 cube) rather then maybe the whole unit…and they are hard to find, used though they are!

The A4’s have a 45 day warranty and PROBABLY? the L3’s also (I think?) . Looks like maybe if they go it is more like all or 1/2 hashing lost…if something goes boom.

Anyway take the poll. This was a lot and I mean a lot closer then I thought looking at the 400 watts for the L3…but the calc link above shows what it is from NO FEE LTC pool at 103%…

Anyway along with taking the poll…post on here what you think of all this and the future of scrypt pow mining with how this seems to be lining up with all the
difficulty rises (LTC) and equipment and of course (imho) the crummy price for LTC as an example.

Also post your own views and modify my premise on above run your own calcs…this seems kosher to me …but then again at one time I drank the BFL kool-aid so thus
am humbled…

silly hobby huh?


Here is the L3 speculation link

[url=]Antminer L3 - 250mh - 400watt Scrypt miner coming soon

here is the A4 link on their issues with hash and firmware and trials and tribulations group buy results

[url=]A4 Dominator - Pre-Order Group Buy - 280mh, roughly 1000w, $1800 + shipping

KNC Titan thread (kinda light but their is lightfoot who can fix them…which is damn helpful…also the gen tarkin 3rd party firmware that imho has fixed them for another 2 years of use)

Do your own revisions/calcs…I was shocked on how close they all are even with the watts consumption
and everything. Use the above calcs and/or your own and post what you find here as well
hope it helps

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Note: found our supposedly you can get these from a ‘reputable’ vendor in China via CC
(see the bitcointalk thread in above post) be careful…just what I heard with shipping it
would be like 1900 usd…talk is in a month may launch at 1700 usd with shipping

er this was for the Bitmain L3 250mh at 400 watts (supposedly my be is 500 watts)

Also was told by some that the A4 is really 1200 watts not 1100 watts …so heck
that is no better then a titan. The A4 is currently rated at 280mh but everyone I know
it is 270mh if you are lucky. The 2 cubes are labeled each 135mh so that is 270mh
so go figure

Anyway do your research. Myself I’m holding off. The A4’s are going out like toasters
and to the data hall IPO investors as we speak. Bitmain is KNOWN for putting them
in data halls first then releasing to the public…thus the 20% difficulty hike in the last
week for LTC…so me…I think this is gonna be consumer product consumer dump
in a big way…so will wait on the sidelines a bit watching price.

That is pretty pessimistic from a guy who can take off 25% equip deduction off
price on 2017 taxes (I’ll make enough and cut the price down from $1900 with
shipping to real cash after the equip deduction (which you can take all in 1 year
at 25% off) To make it really priced at $1425 off aliexpress now in real $$$
eventually. I also only have the MODEST goals of using it for heat on house
I last year got 85% with 2 titans of my heat for fee…so at 800watt figure 60%
free if I can stagger into next winter 2017-2018…so bang…take off another
$750 bucks…thus with coin made you could ROI in that manner with the
heat benifit…

With that going for me I STILL think they are gonna go out as toasters
and slam the difficulty big time. I mean if you are a China data hall you
look at these LTC miners vs BTC miners to replace you’d go into pow

Thus watching for scrypt prices and/or LTC to get around 0.006 LTC to
BTC till I’d entertain the idea even with the above hooks I have.

would be great if we could get back to 0.01 ltc to btc at 969 usd per
btc currently that would be 9.69 per LTC…so it could slam up equip
all it wants at this price

But again waiting this looks entirely too much like the massive
BTC difficulty rise of 2014 that killed BTC home miners. The KNC
Neptune BTC miner had a life time of like 5months at 11c kwh electric
and maybe made 20% in coin back…so taking cowards way out
and gonna sit on the bench for a bit (already have 3200mh of
Titans…so can afford to be a coward) :slight_smile:

Thanks Searing for the analysis and the conclusions, Would like to add that the massive rise in difficulty in BTC was followed by a (somewhat lagged) rise in the price. I bet we will see the same in LTC as the community as a whole is investing more into scrypt.If the F2pool issue gets out of the way, LTC takes the segwit lead, the growing interest for cryptocoins from the hedge funds, etc etc (and add a little leaders/laggards - market psycology into the mix) I would be suprised (imho) if we dont see a resurrection of LTC in 2017…


Well the hype of having seg witness for a year probably before Bitcoin would probably help a lot.

I just hope all the new scrypt miners become CHEERLEADERS for ltc (and/or btc if you mine
to xfer to such)

With the next difficulty rise looking like 9% with the bitmain L3’s popping on …this could get ugly
without such

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1 year ROI with 0.05$ electricity cost and 2x difficulty increase is not bad.

unless you have 11c (winter) to 14c (summer) kwh rates :frowning:

I have NOT bought a NEW miner since Nov 2014 with original knc titan at 10,131.80. (300mh) the other
2900 mh was used/bankrupted/couple cubes/controller(s)/and the knc liguidation…

Just saying at my kwh rates only way the game can be played. So I’m waiting out this (what i assume will
be LTC and scrypt giant blow out of dificulty rise with scrypt…I see L3’s out like toasters…the home miner version of 2015 with home btc miners demise) until fall and
gonna scoop up used stuff again.

Hell I probably should just buy and hold ltc (and or btc) but what is the fun of that (and the 3 years of
pretty much free heat for the house equiv of ave of 1,200 usd) :slight_smile:)

frigging addicted I am :frowning:

Last 2 winters I would say …maybe I can get heat out these one more year…looks like I may squeak
into the winter of 2017 to 2018 for the same (with maybe lots and lots of ‘spare’ titan cubes lol :slight_smile:

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Im from Russia. We have 0-0,03 $ electricity cost depending of region. So L3 is very intresting for investing for us.

With that cost of electricity any miner would be an interesting investment…:wink:

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Yes, but something better than others.
Pandaminer > GPU > L3 > S9 at the moment

Where are you from and what performance capacity could you provide?
Best Regards


running L3’s last 3 weeks …have may L3+'s on order …which are double the hash but at double
the difficulty by May 20th or whenever imho will do no better then L3’s running now… :frowning:

Not on data hall yet at 0.077c kwh yet, so still at 10c kwh …and price of LTC now is 11.57 usd on (this calc includes 103% payout
in its calcs)

So at 250 mh and 400 watts at again the free pool above that pays 103% total I get this

24 hours 1.26628418 LTC 14.65 USD 0.96 USD 13.69 USD
7 days 8.86398926 LTC 102.56 USD 6.72 USD 95.84 USD
30 days 37.98852539 LTC 439.53 USD 28.80 USD 410.73 USD

They seem so far to be stable no issues a bit like 1mh above 250 ave

but again difficulty imho will go up at least 100% by end of may imho with equip glut

what I’m going on anyway …hope I’m wrong

What about L3+ ?

1,5 months ROI with russian electricity!!!
Very very nice

When will L3+ be on stock?

HAD 8 L3’s at 10.2 usd for 2 each 2 groups of 2

20.4k usd

then bitmain took back from the dirstibutor 4 of them to
mine guess against seg witness (bitmain)…so screwed

then got instead 4 L3+'s may 15th order for
1370 usd each (or about 1/2 price)

so not sweating they cancelled 4 L3’s ;at more
or less the same price on april first

thou by the time I get them likely will do no
better or worse ROI wise then L3’ (4) I got on
april 5th or so


i’m kinda out now …have enough pow scrypt
its getting too weird

with the seg witness agreement…i can hope for 20 buck
ltc and mine like hell and just save coin

dumb luck saves me again

the trumpacoplypse is coming don’t ya now…less risk just to mine
like hell maybe till newer asic’s of any pow flavor in the fall say

bitmain is shipping L3’s on July 15th pretty sure they are accepting per-orders now…don’t quote me on that though