Bitcoin 2.0 Rebranding Litecoin?

I Believe in every way that Litecoin has the ability to surpass the Market Cap of Bitcoin one day but it may require a rebranding tbh. Litecoin is Literally Bitcoin in everyway but better… Think of sound money and then think of the fungibility aspect that Bitcoin is missing and then look at what the developers are trying to accomplish with Litecoin in taking out the 3rd parties. Bitcoin tried to remove the third parties from being required but I don’t think its made it user friendly or feasible to completely remove the need of having other systems, such as banks still be a required interaction. Now 3rd parties will most likely always be a part of every system but what Litecoin will offer is the ability to not require you to have to as long as you do your own research. Along with the ability to use 3rd party software such as custom made wallets and networks, etc.


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No rebranding is required. As of today, all cryptocurrencies are experimental, including Bitcoin. Most people that use cryptocurrency don’t even know what digital signatures are, the implications of self-sovereign money, and so on.

The environment overall is slowly maturing. Easier to use tools and protocols are being developed and tested. I like the idea of a seed phrase, which is something that the original Bitcoin did not have. I also like signature software that is separated from the main client (as an example: Parity Signer), because this allows for air-gapped computers doing the signature work (which is a critical point in the transaction process, because if someone gets a hold of your private keys, you’ll lose your coins).


Rebranding not required yes but just food for thought.

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