Binance suspends LTC withdrawals

At the time of this post Binance withdrawals of LTC carry the following message:

BSC,LTC network withdrawal suspended. Withdrawals can be processed through alternative networks. Subscribe to network recovery reminders to receive updates.

Possibly they are doing Christmas maintenance? I will update this thread when this situation changes.

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Could be, could also be that Binance does not make enough fees when LTC is used for channeling crypto to other exchanges/wallets.

Its a universal LTC withdrawal suspension. It makes no sense for them to do this for policy reasons.

Email just received:

LTC network withdrawal resumed

Dear user,

LTC network withdrawal for LTC have resumed. You may withdraw your tokens on the withdrawal page.

Binance Team
This is an automated message, please do not reply.

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I did not receive this any of these mails from Binance…not cool

Tx for the heads up

You need to request the notification email on the withdrawal page.

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Have you contact LCT support for assistance , why not contact them for help

Maintenance, they already resumed.

Can you advise what chain to use on Binance in order to send LTC from to Metamask (what should be the chain on MetaMask too?)?

Send LTC from Binance to Metamask. So far I know there is only one chain.

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